Senior Match Reports - 23rd December 2020

Wednesday 23 December 2020

Division 1 - Glenelg 2 lost to Port Adelaide 6

Harro takes the bump and battle hard to keep the hard nosed Port squad to 6 runs. Daisy takes relief and dealt with the rest. 7 innings and the game just slipped away from us with only 7 innings the sprint came to an end with hits to M.Clavell ( a Moon shot to the Pat) Bentley Day before busting a hamstring and putting himself out of action ( 6 weeks) and Wurfel picking up a couple a walks we had runners on but could not find the score board… one game to go.

Division 1 - Glenelg 8 def Port Adelaide 4

With a little break, a hotdog, coke and chocolate donut we were ready to go back to war. Jayden Eldridge had a little sit on the pine before throwing the first, for 3 up 3 down to give us the start we needed. Walks to J. Gluyas and E.Ross left the door open for a stand up double off the wall from M.Clavell and the good guys were on the board in the first.

With positions open for the taking after a long day of Div3 and Div2 Archie Lovelock on his 16th Birthday got his first Div1 D/H roll while putting his Bday dinner on hold for us. This kid has what it takes mentally and has it in spades to become whatever he desires. After making good contact through out the game and a walk, we had bases loaded and 2 out and the Bays looking for some insurance runs, The young lad comes up with his first Div1 Base hit, an absolute barrel shot to left field and picks up his first RBI of many to come, it was very Kloeden like. Well done Archie!

Tom Huttunen grows in his outfielding defensive performance every week and after using Darcy Gluyas for Target practice makes an 8-3 double play. The Bays are showing real growth as a group with there Captain picking up a couple of shots for the day and one off the wall the team behind him followed. A convincing Win to go into a well needed Christmas break, Mason Clavell and D. Bentley and T.Arnold can come back from injury and we can be back at as full strength squad.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


Division 2 - Glenelg 9 def Port Adelaide 7

What a ball game to finish with at the break! The magpies flew into the Tiger Cage this past Saturday and were met with a set of 3 run innings.  

Wurf continued his hot streak with 2 more hits and 3 runs driven in.

Behind the dish for us before a Agrade double dip, Quals sent the first pitch he saw over the left field fence. Birthday boy Archie chimed in with 2 knocks of his own. His recent at bats would earn him an Agrade debut later that day. Well done Arch! 

Mason's clutch 2 out double provided a nice piece of insurance late in the game.

In the field Squintz and Arch both continued to dazzle the crowd with their range and flashy leather. Joe Gluyas and Connor Hill were instrumental in steering us to victory. Big credit to them for shouldering the role out of the bullpen. 

This weekend's performance makes for an exciting run home after the break. 

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and safe new year. We'll see you soon. 

Division 3 - Glenelg 8 def Port Adelaide 2

The sun was shining we had a home game and it’s the last game before the Christmas break. And a good chance to even the win lose ledger against the magpies of port

We gave the ball to the young man named squints for his first senior start on the hill and the young man didn’t look out of place standing tall in the top of the first

Taking over lead over duties from the newly promoted Blake Henry reached on an error by short stole second and third and came home on Kais hit up the middle. Abroe reaching on a fielder’s choice and Jacko getting hit by pitch allowed the feeling hot Conor to drive in some runs with a bullet to right. When the inning finally ended the misfits where 3 to 0 up

Conor easily went out and did the second innings so easy that it was decided that he would go an extra inning on the bump. Things didn’t really go to plan in the third and after giving up back to back hits it was time for Squints to go to his customary spot at third. An awesome effort by the young man one I hope we can keep using moving forward. Unfortunately a couple of uncharacteristic misplayed balls allowed the two runners to score. The game was back on

Conor collected his second hit of the game moved to third on Witty's hit and scored on Baileys RBI ground out giving  us some breathing room again at 4 to 2

After a sloppy inning in the field where it looked like we were just happy to coast through to the end of the game the lads responded to a pull your fingers out speech by Kai collecting his second hit stealing second and third scoring on a pass ball walk to Abroe who then scored in the same fashion pushing the lead out 7 to 2

We tacked on an insurance run late with Abroe collecting a hit stealing second (his third SB for the game) and scoring on Dan’s hit to right.

Final score Misfits 8 magpies 2

We go into the Christmas break at 4 and 4 witch is an awesome effort considering sometimes it can be a battle to get a team up. The development of the guys has been awesome over the first half and watching the likes of Conor on Saturday start to hit the ball hard is pleasing to see. Kai has been a rock in the two hole and Blake has grown each week. Bailey coming in to catch has been an excellent edition and his glove work on Saturday was outstanding keep going kid. Henry although probably not happy with his hitting has shored up the outfield by catching everything that comes near him. Thanks for all the people who have helped so far let’s keep building on what we have done in the first half and come out firing after the break

Merry Easter

Division 4 - Glenelg 10 def Goodwood 8

‘Twas the last game before Christmas, the coach was called Milhouse,

It was played on diamond 2, the pitching mound was not grouse.

The bats were hung in the dugout with care,

In hopes that Kloeds would get a hit here and there.

Some players had beers on Friday night before hitting their beds,

While visions of homers and doubles danced in their heads.

We told Hayds to pitch and he said yes to that,

The visitors scored a few early runs and we all said ah crap.

When in the batter’s box there arose a clatter,

Mags smash a double and our bench was a chatter.

Away to the dish I resembled the flash,

When I happily remembered Gamer was rid of his stache.

We soon realised we missed Stephen Deeble,

My attempts to return him have proven to be feeble.

This is actually a really long poem,

So I’ll get to the facts and stop the ho hum.

Hayds was ok, without being great,

The sun and high sky made fielding hard at any rate.

Bobby had some great ABs,

While Stevo would pitch instead of chopping down trees.

The ending was weird as we got a strange walk off,

Please go get a COVID test if you develop a cough.

We got the win on a wild throw,

We now head to the break sitting 1st at 9-0.

Stay safe over the break and the religious ceremony,

After the win we eat the pepperoni.

Division 5 - Glenelg 15 def Port Adelaide 2

The Snakes Alives were back at it on Diamond 2, a week to the day that we had our collective trousers pulled down in a very un-snakes performance. With a bounce-back in mind, fill in umpire Craig Aviator called “play ball” as Custilla Slice piffed one right down the guts to get this one started. Vdub brewing Co. took care of out number one before a strikeout of Jack Sparrow and some nice work by The Cave Darter on the hot corner completed a savoury 1-2-3 first dig.

Already in better shape than the previous week having a)not given up any runs and b)not lost all three match balls in the Pat, the boys grabbed the aging sticks and went to work. The Bombay Basher walked before The Jouster took one for the team. Lamington Slice reached with a walk as well, setting the table for the Barefoot Warrior to smash a single and put the Tiges up 2-0 after one.

Pears Bartlett continued to keep the Porty hitters of balance, not conceding a run in three cruisy digs to give us a chance to extend the lead, and extend the lead we did. Two doubles to the Cave Darter, plus two massive bombs –one each to the boys that make up the hip-hop duo known as VANJINA – kept the score ticking over, with the Goosestepper, Fenny-Blankers Koen, Pine-Lime Slice and the Dubstar chipping in with some timely hits.

The constant stream of hits seemed to upset Jack Sparrow who now was piffing and clearly not enjoying himself. Craig Aviator tried to calm the waters by stating “My tremendous intuitive sense of the female creature informs me that you are troubled” but Sparrow was having none of it, instead choosing to dig for buried treasure beneath the pitching mound with his cleats. Further banter between Jack and the ump ended with Aviator remarking “Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate” before banishing Sparrow to Tortuga for the rest of the game.

In yet another sign that 2020 keeps bringing the bizarre, our 1-2-3 hitters, faced with the prospect of a fresh arm and only having eight opposition men in the field and seemingly free hits on tap, proceeded to go K2-KC-K2 for the first time all season.

We ended up winning 15-2, the two runs being given up by Bean Burrito in relief of a very impressive Lemon Slice. All that was left to make this day even more bizarre was for the big-swinging Unstoppable Pecs Machine to let go of the bat on a full-blooded hack, sending every one of his team mates flying as the Baum helicoptered at speed towards our bench. I personally was almost decapitated by the said flying object, sending my mind into flashbacks to the band Redgum in 1983 when they sang….

“And can you tell me, doctor, why I still can't get to sleep?

And why a spinning Carter Baum bat chills me to my feet?

And what's this rash that comes and goes

Can you tell me what it means?

God help me, I was only nineteen”

Oh, we won 15-2. All played well.

Merry xmas and best wishes for a magnificent festive season to our GBC extended family – players both young and old, male and female, and to everyone who is involved with our magnificent club. See you in 2021 for more fun!!! Much love, Boris #23

Division 6 - Glenelg 21 def Northern Districts 3

On super Saturday at the Bay, the previously unconquered Division 6 Tigers battled it out against the Northern District ensemble.  On 19/12/20 morning, Diamond 3 Glenelg North, weather wise it would be unspectacular in every way (coolish, windyish, cloudyish).

Similar to most games this year, we weren't really troubled at all throughout the ballgame.  The score line (21-3) did flatter us a bit, due to the ability to string hits together (reliable fielding helps too). Pitching commitments were ably supplied by Ben "9-hole" Dixon, Tim Swansson and fireball/Side Thrower Ben "Butt-head" Alexander (who closed out with a 2-strikeout inning)

Our better batters on the day were "Butt-head" and Brad "Beavis" Ayles who both didn't seem to get out much.  Other batters with multiple hits included Jason King, Brendan Hill, Tim Swansson, Sam "Garth" Dixon, Alan "Wayne" Laukirbe and David Jucha. With "Wayne and Garth" and "Beavis and Butt-head" all picking up extra bases.

Special mention goes to the "9-hole" who didn't manage to get a base hit on the day but tried really, really hard. I can see him improving with each turn at bat, you'll get there little mate (although he did make a pretty sick diving play up the middle for an out).

Division 7R - Glenelg lost to Northern Districts

Division 7B - Glenelg 15 def Flinders 11

The Tigers played Flinders University in a high scoring game to finish 2020.

Tony Mezzini pitched his way through the first four innings, dutifully pitching around hitters and keeping the team in charge of the game.

There were plenty of hits on the day with multiple knocks to (Mezzini 4, Pick, Beyer, Smallacombe 3, Fenwick, Vercoe 2).

Peter Fenwick closed the game over the final two frames putting the Tigers back on top of the ladder with a 15-11 win at 7-1 going into the Christmas Break.

Thanks to Shane and Adam for playing on the weekend. 

The team will now look for an alternative plan to get ready for the second half of the season after a trip to Florida’s Biogenesis clinic has been put on hold.   

Senior Match Reports - 23rd December 2020