Senior Match Reports - 3rd March 2021

Wednesday 03 March 2021

Division 1 - Glenelg 0 lost to Southern Districts 6

A night to forget, we were stitched up by a good performance on the mound from former Tiger - Michael Johnston. Not a lot to be happy about with this one. The Hawks jumped out of the box and scored early, and kept tacking on runs, we never got out of first gear. A disappointing result.

Hits: Wurf, Hilly, Pickles, ERoss & Mouse (1)

Division 1 - Glenelg 4 lost to Southern Districts 7

Looking to respond to a disappointing result in the twilight game, unfortunately it was the Hawks again who set the early going jumping out to a lead. We tacked one back and they added on another couple so we were chasing their tails all day. Pickles gave us a sign of life with a 3 run no doubt bomb, but it wasn't enough and the Hawks had our number again.

Hits: Tyson, Mas (2), Arch, Pickles (hr), Tommy & Mouse (1)

Division 2 - Glenelg 6 drew with Southern Districts 6

Any finals chance was a mathematical one and was dependent on a win in this matchup. Unfortunately like our clash earlier in the season against the Hawks we could only muster a draw.

With Harro on the hill for his first appearance with the 2's for a while we got off to a good start putting up a 3 spot whilst keeping them to one. Both teams locked in and we had a cracker of a game on our hands, with both teams tacking on a run here or there. We rolled into what would be the last innings with a well earned 5-3 lead. The wheels came of a bit and we allowed them 3 runs to take a 6-5 lead going unto the bottom of the last.

Tyson continued his good game with the bat and doubled to start the innings, after a couple of HPB's Steffy singled Tyson across to 3rd. Unfortnately Tyson got picked of at 3rd and then back to back walks loaded the bases with 1 out. Stepping up to the plate was the young phenom Kai, who grounded out to 2nd but more importantly RBI'd in the tying run. Unfortunately we couldn't get that next one over to steal a W.

Division 3 - Glenelg 8 def Southern Districts 5

Starting a run off home games to end the season we took on the mighty hawks for a do or die clash at Anderson avenue

The equation simple win we stay in.

Souths had plans to spoil the party and dropped an early run on us in the first to take a real early lead.

Not to be out down the misfits scored three in the first with Kai collecting a hit stealing third and scoring on a pass ball Abroe collecting a hit moving around to third on Steff's dropped third strike scoring when they tried to throw the big man out Steff then scoring on pats hit to left. few what a mouthful.

Souths weren’t done however and clawed one back in the top of the second. Unfortunately a pitching change with Steff coming onto the hill saw souths push the lead out 5 to 3 the big man struggling to find the zone but still battling to get us back in to swing them.

With a coach hero speech ringing in their ears and Bender on the bump we responded with a run in the 5th with Henry walking stealing second advancing to third and coming home on Kai’s sac. fly we closed the gap.

It all came down to the last inning with one out VDub smashed one up the middle and with shades of Dave Roberts in 04 took off for second just beating the tag.  Henry then got one through to centerfield to tie the game. A walk to Kai HPB to Abroe had the bases loaded and with two out Dan smashed one to right walking it off in spectacular fashion great work you legend.

We were a bit flat considering this was a game we couldn’t afford to lose but to everyone’s credit we came good when it mattered which is a sign of a good team. We must win against East Torrens next weekend and then we can go to the fun part of the season finals

Division 4 - Glenelg 11 def Southern Districts 0

It was the final game of the season and with both teams already having stitched up a playoff spot, it was still a game we wanted to put our best foot forward in.

Having completed umpire duties in the 12:30 fixture I had minimal time to write the line, get dressed and get loose. I flipped the pill to Stevens for his final regular season start, took up my spot in the front row and The Stevenson show began as he retired the Hawk hitters with minimal fuss in the 1st. Paddy G manned the lead-off spot and got us rolling with a base knock, the home side scored a few in the bottom of the first, with the 3rd out taking place for a guy not sliding at the dish on a harsh, but fair enough kinda call.

Stevo was solid through the next couple of digs, he also smashed a base knock to start the home half of the 2nd. Follow up hits to the coach, PG and suddenly we had some extra runs after Mags chimed in for a homer.

The biggest moment of the day came with Stevens stepping into the batter’s box to kick off the 3rd inning. BAAAANG – suddenly there was a new name added to an extremely exclusive club of guys who have given up dingers to Trista Von Homerhausen as the tree lopper finally elevated one into the jet stream for a 4 stroker.

The rest of the game is a blur of sorts, Kloeds drove in a couple of runs, PG went 3 for 3, but pulled up lame after his 3rd hit. Hopefully the physio can get him back on the park real soon.

This game closed out what has been a pretty solid regular season for us. The fun stuff is now here and we look to continue to play some great baseball.

Division 5 - Glenelg 8 def Southern Districts 7

A picture perfect day greeted the Snakes Alives as we rolled into the Michael Beaumont dragstrip to take on the Southern Hawks at Angry Anderson Fields. This game was no run of the mill regular season contest. If we win, we had the chance to sneak into second place providing the all-conquering Red Stockings defeated the second ranked Utah Saints. Adding to the drama, the Hawks had to get a win to secure a finals berth, so there was plenty for both teams to play for.

Cooper Trophy winner and GBC legend Sir Justice Thrillhouse once again took on umpiring duties in the absence of the rostered umpy appearing, with Kymbo slice sending down the first pill. Both teams traded donuts in the first before the visitors drew first blood in the second, 1-0 Souths after two. The Hawks added a second to make it 2-0, as we only managed a couple of hits through the first three digs to the Bombay Basher and Kymbo Slice. While we struggled to get the offense going, the visitors added another to make it 3-0, and while we threatened in the 4th with hits to the Unstoppable Pecs Machine and Delicious Krajina, the bats went cold once more.

Top five was a bit of a mare with the visitors adding a four-spot to take a 7-0 lead as the tiger faithful hanging in Dixon’s dugout started to wonder what in the hell the Snakes Alives were up to. With just nine outs to play with and second spot looking about as far away as a day in the bleachers at Wrigley Field, we needed to pull our collective finger out and get to work. Judge Smailes, on loan from Division 7 press Red for Ed, told us we would not be allowed back into Wu-Tang Dan’s bar for shots of Dead Man’s Fingers unless we made a game of it.

Inspired by the words of Judge Smailes, Beef Borrito knocked out a double to get things started. Wu-Tang, knowing he can go into the bar any time he wants, grounded out. Mumbai Masher doubled, Tiges on the board. A fly out for out number two, still trailing 7-1. Two out rally time. The Unstoppable Pecs Machine double, 7-2. Krajinator singled. Custilla Slice walked. Ghost Faced Killah came up with leftfield extremely shallow. GFK smashed the pill straight to him, but somehow with just enough elevation to clear his glove, in turn beautifully clearing the bases. 7-5. V-Dub Brewing Company doubled, scoring the pinch runner, the aforementioned Judge Smailes. 7-6. Beef Borrito was up for the second time in the same inning, base knock, pinged hammy, 7-7 the score. With the maximum seven reached, we incredibly went to the 6th tied at 7-7.

The 6th saw no score from either team, but luckily we went out in the bottom of the 6th quickly leaving seven minutes to play. Seven minutes for the Hawks to make the finals, the Tiges to have a crack at second spot or maybe still a tie. Now on the hill, the Jolly Jouster whiffed the first two before giving up a single. With ground ball in the hole, Beef Borrito used what was left of the hammy to run like Alan Border with piles to just glove the pill and piff it to the Krajinator for out number three.

Bottom seven, last chance hotel. The Unstoppable Pecs Machine went bang! Double. The Moist Krajina, thirsty for one of Coopers finest, needed just one pitch to smash a single and walk it off for a bizarre, unlikely 8-7 win.

This one was for one of our Tiger family who is doing it pretty tough right now – he knows who he is, and we wish him and his family all the best and can’t wait to have him back in the black and gold. Much love mate.

Division 6 - Glenelg 4 lost to Port Adelaide 12

We turned up to Glenelg number 2 diamond at midday for our 12:30pm encounter with the Port Adelaide Division 6 team, looking to secure another victory before finals.  The date was 27th February, 2021.  Mark that date down as that is the date where the Tigers lost a game and therefore changes the meme dynamics.  The temperature was about 26 degrees, no clouds at all with a slight southerly.  A perfect day for baseball.

It was however not a perfect day for baseball for the home side, the Magpies swinging a hot bat early and the Tigers were down by seven real early (much like we have be doing to other teams throughout the year, 😒).  A couple of our fielding changes slowed the port run scoring. Connor Major came on and pitched well for a few innings, and as far as i can remember we fielded pretty decently.

Port Magpies hit the ball well all day, much better than their counterpart.  Glen Pycock, Sam Dixon, Lenny Eldridge and David Jucha (with a 2 RBI pull shot) the pick of a sorry bunch of GBC hitters.

Hopefully this was an outlier and we bring our A game next week.


Senior Match Reports - 3rd March 2021