Senior Match Reports - 16th December 2020

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Division 1 - Glenelg 6 def Northern Districts 0


Division 2 - Glenelg 1 lost to Gawler 2

On Saturday we played host to Gawler in what was a vital round for us. Put plainly, we fell short. We were light on for numbers as has been the case of late. No excuse though. 

For it was our inability to execute in the box that cost us a W.

Led by their wiley veteran Josh Lands, the Rangers methodically cruised to a 2-1 victory.

Errol gave it everything he had for us on the bump. Unfortunately we weren't able to reward his efforts. 

We had our chances. Better swings with runners in scoring position,  and this bard is singing a very different tune.

Port at home next on another Super Saturday. All the pieces are there, we'll be ready.

Division 3 - Glenelg 26 def Gawler 0

A hot windy day greeted us on the unusual playing day of Saturday this weekend. The div 3 lads taking on the might of Gawler.

This will be a short and sharp report as we came away with a 26 to 0 win.

We played 4 innings and batted through the line-up in every inning.

Highlights where Alice making her div 3 debut and reaching base every at bat one with a bullet up the middle

Abroe getting over his finger issues and coming back in going 3 for 4 with 5 runs scored

Dan Melia going 3 for 4 and driving in 4 and I can’t go passed the player of the game Blake Hall who went 3 for 4 stole two bags in the first inning second then third (so did Kai) hit one double scored 4 runs and drove in 3. Not a bad day at the office. He is another kid who is getting more and more confident each week.

Another pleasing thing from the game is Conor threw his first inning in senior baseball which I hope is the start of a lot more.

All and all we did what was asked took the walks when they were there and hit when we needed to. Next week will be a challenge against the mighty magpies

I say bring it on.

Division 4 - Glenelg 15 def East Torrens 2

With our Division 1 team having the bye we took up the prime spot of 3pm on Diamond 1 as we hosted the Payneham Red Sox. It was a warm day and tough conditions, with a strong north easterly blowing pretty much straight into the hitters face all game.

At 2:01 we have 5 players on deck, but ET had even less – so the early race was on to see who could get 9 able bodies before 3pm. I had 9, they had 9.5 – so we exchanged line-up cards and T Stevens took the hill for the home side. The Sox hitters came out swinging and on the back of hit, a tough fly ball that found some grass and a long AB resulting in a base knock, the visitors had put 1 on the board in the first.

Bobby Abreuoe smashed a lead off hit to start the home sides 1st, with a couple of big hits to Kloeds and PG we had plated 3 runs. The top of the 2nd was Stevos innings with a couple of strong punch outs leading to a donut. The bottom of the 2nd was a blow out innings, with a few guys collecting multiple hits in the dig as we maybe scored 9 on the back of key hits from the heart of the line-up, the McGearey brothers knocking in 5 in one innings with a couple of big doubles.

Paul Sadler made his annual appearance on the bump to record the final 3 outs for us. He was about as sharp as you expect a guy to be who has thrown 2 innings in 20 years, once he found his radar he notched up a KC and a 1-6-3 double play to call an early end to proceedings and open the celebratory pepperoni sticks. A pretty good all round team win for the guys with contributions of some form coming all across the board.

One game left to round out the first half of the season as we look forward to another big challenge.

Division 5 - Glenelg 2 lost to East Torrens 7

An absolute sheisen day was had by the Snakes Alives as hopes of a win against the top of the heap Red Sox were blown away, just like anything that wasn’t nailed down on a hot, blustery Saturday in the cheap seats on diamond 2 at the GBC.

Some defensive lapses early cost us as we went down 3-0 after one and we never recovered against a team you simply must be at your best against if you want to have any chance of stealing a win.

The good guys showed some fight in the second with back to back hits to Mister Freeze and Oysters Senior to put us in good shape to trouble the scorers. Oysters Junior took one on the elbow to load the sacks, leading to a sac fly from Brother Dixon to get us on the board, but that was all she wrote as we couldn’t encourage any further colouring in from HSR which would prove costly as the game wore on.

Rather than go into every frustrating detail of the afternoon, here is a quick summary of events:

The bad:

  • The Snakes Alives didn’t give our best when we needed exactly that
  • We lost the three new match balls in approximately 8 minutes plus around 14 other good pills as the wind and the Patawalonga combined to eat most of our ball stash in one day.
  • Letting our pitchers down which is far from our brand.
  • Not capitalising on a solid opportunity to embed ourselves in the top three

The Good:

  • Mister Freeze took the Kenmax mark of the day with a sensational diving catch in the 4th.
  • A sterling 105 pitch effort from The Unstoppable Pecs Machine in trying conditions was a super-impressive performance
  • Helping us out for the day with numbers down, Dixoman knocked in both RBI’s and made some solid outs in the field, oozing class as usual
  • Five outs at leftfield for the Fenomenon kept us in the game
  • Mrs Fendog, Pat Bartlett, Fred Carter and anyone else who braved the cyclonic conditions (including scorer HSR who went above and beyond to score for us) deserve a massive “thanks” for their support.
  • The return to the middle of the legend that is Paul Begg for helping us out when faced with a dearth of blues for the day.

The Real Good:

  • Despite a terrible day between the lines, many of us got to share a birthday celebration with one of the GBC’s best men in The Holmesdawg, who has cruelly been kept out of the game for two seasons while waiting for/recovering from ACL surgery. It was a great night with great mates and a timely reminder that despite having a bad day on the field, we should all thank our lucky stars that we are able to play the game that we love every week – and this should never be taken for granted.

With all that said, we will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, try and find some more baseballs and be ready to have another crack at it next week!

Division 6 - Glenelg 7 def Kensington 2

It was a warm, probably more hot than warm, windy (north-easterly) Saturday morning that greeted the Glenelg div 6 Tigers on the 12/12/2020.  We played at home, Anderson Avenue, Glenelg North on diamond 2.

It wasn't a real enticing day for the batters and our field limited the Kensington batters to a handful of hits (including a home-run). Sam Dixon held the visiting team down with consistent pitching, albeit throwing a walk at some stage. And third baseman Vanya Gonsulin being our pick of the fielders with multiple ground ball outs and catches.

In the batter's box Dan Melia, David Jucha and Al Laukirbe all got hits, we were outhit by the Kensington team but our fielding was far superior on the day.

We were down a trio of players for the week with Leon, Jason and Wayne who were rehearsing their upcoming Cabaret act "The Angry Pointer Sisters". Songs from the Pointer Sisters, through the eyes of three 40 something white Australians (who may or may not be irritated). I'm So Excited to go and see it.  tickets available soon.

Division 7R - Glenelg 14 lost to Kensington 18

Division 7B - Glenelg 24 def Playford City 2

Senior Match Reports - 16th December 2020