Senior Match Report - 29th October 2019

Tuesday 29 October 2019

Division 1 - Glenelg 8 def Golden Grove 2

Division 2 - Glenelg 6 def Golden Grove 0

Division 3 - Glenelg 4 def Golden Grove 2

In an early Sunday morning pitchers duel THE TIGERS outscored the visiting Dodgers in a score of 4-2.
Will Burke started pitching for the home side Glenelg and got through 2 innings without an issue at all.
He handed the ball over to Out-field chap Sam Dixon who due fully went another 3 uneventful innings.
We scored an early run thanks to some smart base running by the Adam Wurfel-Darcy Gluyas combination.
With a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the 7th Kym Bartlett smashed a bases clearing double to the left field corner giving Glenelg a 4 run lead.
Darcy pitched the last inning, his 3rd overall, giving up one Dodger hit before striking out the last batter for the win.
The infield combination of Darcy, Archie Lovelock, Adam and Bailey Edgar worked a treat and were all very solid.
On a serious note : 
The Glenelg Baseball Club lost a friend over the weekend and to me personally I will always remember the games we played together, the great times we shared and the way you always made me smile.
You'll never be forgotten 😢
If anyone ever needs to talk the Glenelg Baseball community will be there for you.
Division 4 - Glenelg 6 def East Torrens 3

I don’t really know how to start this one. From the baseball side, we played a game in great spirit and after the events that would come to light later that day, I am truly thankful to the guys from ET for the laughs and great competition we had. We played ok, did enough to win and everyone chipped in at some point to help our cause. Mates, playing a game together, having fun, that is what our Saturday afternoons are about.

As we congratulated each other on a well fought win, the news broke that we had just lost one of our great mates.

A couple of days on, and it is still hard to understand.

Heagerty, Hegs, Heglar, The Tenner, Big Red, Hegsy, The Hammer, Our mate, Our brother.

Finding the words right now is a difficult as I expected, you were a year younger than me, yet I looked up to you. We had the same batting gloves back in U/14s, except mine were blue and yours were fluro pink. When we played pickup games of basketball with the guys we were always on the same team. Catching up when you were back in town brightened my day and my week. These seem like distant memories, but they are among the ones I will now treasure forever.

I’ve seen more mates than you know whose hearts are left broken. The emotional roller coaster of sadness, guilt, anger and the questions seems an endless circle right now. I wish you could have understood how many of us would have done anything for you at the drop of a hat. You only needed to reach out and I would have done anything for you.

Two mates gone in under a year. It is 2 too many. This has to stop.

It starts with what seems a pretty small question – R U OK?

It sounds simple, but if it was that easy this wouldn’t keep happening. You might see changes in people that lead you into this, you might not. But just please speak to people, reach out, it’s a two way street. If you aren’t ok, that is ok, everyone has dark times, there is help out there if you feel you can seek it out. If you feel you can’t speak to your friends just find anyone, a stranger at a pub, a call to a help line, anything has got to be better than nothing, or the worst. People are much kinder than we sometimes give them credit for. Talk to guys, listen to people, watch your mates, check in, look out for each other.

The GBC family is hurting. Our love and support goes out to Mia, Fletch and Harvey, John and Jill, and everyone else effected by this tragic news.

We will miss you now and forever Hegs. When I think about everything I get overcome with emotions. When someone asks how I’m doing - I’m honest, I am not ok. I am struggling, many of us are, but this is the time we need to be there for each other. I don’t know when it passes, I don’t know when I get the chance to say anything to you, even though I won’t get anything back. The disbelief is real, the hurt and pain is real. The appreciation I have for my mates and family right now is more than I can put into words.

Stay strong, hug a mate.

RIP #10

Lifeline: 13 11 14

Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636

Division 5 - Glenelg 8 lost to East Torrens 9

We took a banged up line-up into a tough road trip against the reigning back to back premiers, and came out on the wrong end of a 9-8 result. 

Truth be told, we probably didn’t deserve to win as the Red Sox were the better team on the day. I was proud of our guys for toughing the game out and coming back from a 6-1 deficit, and to those who played under duress, thanks for toughing out when we had the bare numbers. 

Having said that we have work to do, and work together we will. Thanks to Greg Abroe for stepping in when we needed a 10th player late in the game, this is a bloke that always plays the game right.

Now, on to a MUCH more important subject. We tragically lost ANOTHER GBC brother on the weekend, a cheeky bastard that was a damn fine ballplayer and a bloody good mate.

It is almost unfathomable that this has happened again, and this has to stop. Right now, plenty of us are feeling guilt, confusion and above all else a painful sadness. The game we love helps us forge bonds with many, and over time these bonds remain whether you share the field or not. 

When something like this happens, you feel like you could have done more, you could have done SOMETHING to help. How could we not know? Why didn’t he say something when we were chatting last week? How can things get that bad? So many questions. 

We will never get all of the answers, but we HAVE TO do whatever we can to hopefully stop it happening again. So PLEASE, if you are feeling dark thoughts, TALK to someone. Talk to ME. Talk to your mates. Just PLEASE talk to someone. Start a conversation.

Love you #10, RIP mate.

Division 6 - Glenelg Tigers 14 def Glenelg 5


We rolled out Mitch and as usual he pitch well hitting spots  well within himself. We brought in Fenny to get some time on the mounts and shared it around as too conserve  arms for  the  future  the season can be long if we don't get arms conditioned
We fielded ok with minimal mistakes a couple of there hits had eyes and I thought Leaker out at centre field was good
Bats worked well Beyer double and  Dixon drive to right was typical of there class, Sandercock started the season very well with two very good game with the bat. I am pretty sure all line up got hits so well done to all 
Our new recruits doing well Dixon, Jucha and Emma 
Onwards and upwards from here
With 2 teams in this years Division 6 bracket (of 18 total teams) it was an early showdown.
The Glenelg Tigers team including household names such as Beyer, Fenwick and Dixon defeated the "little battler" Glenelg  rather convincingly. 
Thomas Burton started as the pitcher for the Glenelg (away side) side and tried his little heart out keeping the game close through 4 or so innings.
His fielding team let him down somewhat with CF Sam Dixon and 2B Glen Pycock trying to outdo each other in the most brutal error competition.
They both made up for it in the batters box with a couple of hits each.  Thomas (hard single), Scotty Bradey (oppo Double) and Tim Swansson (RBI double) all had pretty nifty hits also.
Justin Oliver who (at a guess) has played in 474 senior baseball games at Glenelg and has never caught, he has now. He did a great job and also collected a base hit along the way.
Pleas under no circumstances should our Team be referred to as Glenelg, THE TIGERS or Glenelg Tigers.  We would prefer Glenelg Baseball Club, the TIGERS or "the People's Team"
Division 7 - Glenelg 7 lost to Flinders 9
In the early Saturday game our division 7 Tigers went down to the Flinders University Tarpons in a score of 9 to 3.
The game started fairly evenly with our starting pitcher Corbin Ceglar matching their hurler for the first few innings.
Blake Hall got us on the board early with a nice three bagger, and Close guy Darren Bails also chimed in with a base knock to left.
Leaving us 1 behind at the halfway mark.  The Tarpons had a couple of adequate pitchers which proved to be difference in the final outcome.
The close guy came in late to attempt to shut down the Tarpon bats but was too late.
We had our chances and will try and respond next week wherever that may be.