Womens Match Reports - 26th November 2019

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Divsion 1 - Glenelg 11 def Goodwood 5

Back at home again this week we faced the Indians from Goodwood town.  After a quick detour to the oppositions ground, Fiona hightailed it back to the GBC in time for kick off and we had a ball game.

Goodwood put pressure on early threatening with early baserunners but Prokopec dialled up a couple of strikeouts to minimise the damage to a solitary unearnt run.

We scored one ourselves in the first, Jenny getting it Dunn on the basepaths.

After carving through the Indians in the second, we had a momentary defensive lapse in the third and Goodwood put up a four spot – and at the halfway time point we were chasing at 5-1.

In the second – Dana Aldwin showed she meant business starting off her big day with a long at bat that resulted in a lead off double.  We unfortunately didn’t capitalise but it helped get past their starter after only two innings of work.

In the third we took it to their reliever putting up a five sport and retaking the lead 6-5.  McMahon, Jenny & Jacqui Dunn & Crabb with the key hits.

Prokopec and Smith teamed up with the Dunnster’s patrolling the middle infield to shut them down in the fourth to keep momentum our way.

We put another five spot up in the fourth against their new reliever before light expired.  Smith with the key hit keeping the inning moving.

We were a little off our game early but the ladies stayed positive and regrouped to run home strong, its good to see the resilience in the group to take a punch or two early and still come up with the knock out late.

We have the bye this Friday but with our Division 2 legends at home we hope to see you all down the bay for some great action and entertainment.

Division 2 - Glenelg 11 def Henley Rams 5

This week saw the Division 2 team start aggressively at bat at the home grounds of the H&G Rams. In the first innings, both April Grava and Bec Bond made solid contact with the ball and managed to snag a 2 base hit each, pushing runners around the bases and securing a comfortable lead to start the game. In the field, Emily Pyke started on the mound and not only pitched consistently, but also fielded a short hit and made a much needed out at first – showing her capacity to maintain composure under pressure. Kassy Rose supported Pykey strongly behind the plate as catcher, keeping runners close to the bases with her strong arm and fast reflexes.

As we entered into the second innings, Bailey Fromme got a great hit – highlighting her ever improving her form. Kassy Rose forced the home team to chase her around the bases, ending up in a run down between third base and home where she capitalised on an overthrow at third and scored a run at home. As we moved into fielding, Cariad Edwards took a sensational catch at centre field under the challenge of looking into the setting sun, while needing to run towards the ball at full speed. She seemed to only hold on to the ball by a mere stitch on the seam, making for an impressive out. Lucy Mitton backed up the next out by getting under an infield fly ball for the second out of the innings.

The third innings saw all GBC players run the bases aggressively, continuing to take an ever-increasing lead on the H&G Rams. Alex Meldrum took the mound and displayed her excellent pitching form, striking out 3 batters to get GBC back into bat. The final two innings saw H&G make a strong come back, in conjunction with some fielding errors from the GBC team. The GBC team held their ground and eventually took the win, ending the game at 11-5.

A special mention must be made to Phoebe Siviour. Each week has featured her creative vocal support, now referred to ‘Phoebeisms’ – this week’s team favourite was her encouragement to Shona Baldock in which she requested that Shona “make us Shona Lisa Smile…”. While some Phoebeisms take a moment to process, they have certainly added some flavour and interest to each game.

Thanks to H&G for hosting us this week.

Womens Match Reports - 26th November 2019