Senior Match Reports - 12th November 2019

Tuesday 12 November 2019

Division 1 - Glenelg 1 lost to Goodwood 3

Division 1 - Glenelg 6 drew with Goodwood 6

Division 2 - Glenelg 9 def Goodwood 4

After experiencing the first double header away last weekend it was nice to get the chance to do it all again in the confines of our home ground. This time against the Indians of Goodwood

Will got the pill again and this week had the control we expected after lasts weeks run easily going three up three down in the first.

A leadoff walk to Archie was quickly erased with the young man getting caught stealing. Jess would walk next but was left at first as the Goodwood pitcher found his rhythm.

Despite a hit by pitch to Hayden a hit to Darcy in the second we still did not plate any runs.

Will was easily disposing of Goodwood batters so it was going to be a case of who would score first.

After Archie tried a running bunt with no luck we got on a roll. Back to back hits to Jess and Sonny allowed Mags to drive them in with a double to left Rion backing that up with a single to left scoring Mags. After a walk to Adam and a long fly ball single to Hayden Darcy stepped to the plate. Whatever was said to him at the leader ship camp last weekend worked with the young man hitting a ground rule double to score two. After an RBI ground out by Witty the Young studs had dropped a 6 spot.

We scored another 3 in the 4th with Jess collecting a hit Sonny walking Rion getting on base through a fielder’s choice and Hayden clearing the bases with a double to right.

Unfortunately after getting the first two guys easily in the 5th the wheels came off a little allowing the Indians to score 4.

Darcy game in and threw the last with the game ending with a nice double play from Wurfel touching his bag and throwing across to first.

Another highlight was Baily Edgar tasting his first Div 2 action behind the dish and from all accounts he handled himself beautifully.

Now for the mega road trip to Gawler next weekend.

Division 3 - Glenelg 4 lost to Goodwood 14

The final score isn’t really a true indication of the game. With scores tied at 4-4 with about half hour remaining, the visitors dropped a 10 spot on us and blew it out in the end.

Killer battled on the hill for us. The younger core of the team all played pretty well, Kai Reid opening his account, Archie Lovelock continued to show experience beyond his years, Adam Wurfel had some great AB’s and Bailey Edgar is improving behind the dish with each opportunity.

Our biggest hit was a bases clearing double off the fence from ring in Quals. Making his season debut on the hill in relief, Greg Abroe didn’t get much going his way with a lot of balls hit just out of reach and the damage was done.

Steady improvement is our goal, with the exception of one hiccup, this was another pretty good ballgame.

Division 4 - Game Rescheduled

Division 5 - Glenelg 11 def Sturt 2

After a trek from sunny downtown Berri where a few of the boys had supported the local economy by downing a bucket of orange juice with possible mixers, the coach assembled his group of flunkies to take on Sturt at the home of the Saints.

Patty Boo-urns took the pill for the home team and as RevNotGav called “play ball” game four in a series of how ever many games we will play depending on how many other teams pull out was underway. Boo-urns kept the Tiger bats quiet in the first, a jouster base on balls giving us our only base runner. Skinny Slice was the named starter for the Snakes Alives and the great man rolled through the first with just an infield hit to the Saints.

Top two saw a leadoff double to Lite N’ Slicey before Adam Not “S” singled for 1st and 3rd with none out to the Tiges. GavNotRev then stepped up and delivered a double to get the good guys on the board at 2-0. Slim Kym shut the home team down in the second as the score remained 2-0 Tiges after two.

Both teams didn’t trouble the scorers in the third, before the Tiges added some insurance in the top of the 4th. A pitching change for Sturty saw Van Wilder lead off with a sneaky bleeder before heading to second on a Van Wyster sac bunt. Snoop Fendog then grounded to third with the ensuing throw beating everyone within a two mile radius of first base. Van Wilder passed third, organised a party with the 3B guy then scurried home for run number three. Carter the Unstoppable Pecs Machine doubled into the rightfield corner and the score moved to 4-0 before Nicey Slicey knocked CUPM in for a 5-0 Tiger lead after 4 and a half.

Bottom four saw Sturt Dance-off King bang a deep ball to centre left, and with Mr. Freeze in pursuit the pill looked to be out of his reach. Inspired by his favourite jingle however, The Freeze was heard to mumble in a Jamaican accent “Noel’s ca-ra-vans…Noel’s ca-ravans” to find the inspiration and extra pace needed to run down the pill for a classic catch. Every Island Star owner throughout our great land would have been proud.

Inning five saw the floodgates open with hits to Killer-B-Sting, Van Wilder, Vanderwrist, Fenomenon and #81 as the score rolled up to 11-0.

The Jouster took the pill after a hit pitched ball ended Kymbo Slice’s day mainly due to the scorer’s punking Beef Borrito by adding an extra 10 pitches to the pitch count. Sturty fought on to score a couple after sneaking a single past 2B despite the magnificent effort of a sizzling Steak who almost pulled off the Kenmax play of the day in his unfamiliar role as second base guy.

Umpire RevNotGav was jonesing for a tasty Bourbon so he called “game” with the scoreline in favour of the Snakes Alives 11 to 2.

…………and we’re on to Southern Hawks

Division 6 - Glenelg 3 lost to Sturt 8

Sturt got away early in this one and the Tigers couldn't reel in the Saints.

With Sam Dixon away competing at the National Cross-Fit championships pitching duties fell solely on Tom Burton.  Admirably, Thomas tried but one big inning hurt when the Sturt players found quite a few outfield and infield holes putting on a 7 spot inning early on.  Tom battled on to stem the flow for the rest of the game. With the Glenelg team only giving up 1 more run.

In the batting side of things our best performers were Chris "CJ" Shaw and Rhys "Rhys" Capuano each with multiple good hits and almost extra bases.  These 2 were backed up with more good hits from Wayne Hughes and "Inglorious Basterds".  The latter involved in the quirkiest play of the day, upon hitting a ball to the left field corner "Pulp Fiction" awarded home plate after the left fielder less than subtlety kicked the ball out under the fence.  

It did little to the final outcomes as the good guys went down at the Home of the Bulls Baseball. FYJM.

Division 6 - Glenelg Tigers 12 def West Torrens 6

Mitch started again and pitched well WT did score a few run off him, no fault of his as our defence wasn't great early,we did get better as the game progressed.hence the good result

Fenny closed competently   

Defensively Leaker very good again patrolling the outfield he also hit well he is having a good season 

Johnny Sandercock continuing his hitting streak and Spike also doing well with the bat if only I could install some sort of jet motor on his bum as to  run down some fly balls, but you cant have anything !

Beyer again good with all parts of the  game,  Mundy caught well and picked up a couple of hits 

My pick from the yard was Mitch he is the real deal 

We are collecting money for Ricky Hassan (The phantom) for a complete body rebuild  he guarantees me he ok after Xmas! 

Team now travelling nicely 

Division 7 - Glenelg 14 lost to Sturt 17



Senior Match Reports - 12th November 2019