Senior Match Reports - 23rd January 2018

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Division 1 - Glenelg 5 def Northern Districts 2

Travelled out to Norths home ground to take on the Reds with an almost skeleton staff due a number of reasons.

On the back of gutsy wins to the 2’s and 3’s the ball was flipped to Jayden Eldridge for his first start on the hill for a while.

Jayden didn’t let the team down going 7 strong innings for just the 1 run, and a W.

Run support came in the form of solid batting from Chris Burkholder (4 hits) Dale Ziersch & and two long balls from Mason Clavell, one that cleared the fence the other that hit the top of the fenced and bounced back into play, costing Mason a grand salami.

When Jayden was done young gun Austin McClure came into relief and worked around a small jam to get through the last two innings.

We now welcome back some important resources for a tough run coming up starting with the Indians of Goodwood Tuesday night.

Division 1 - Glenelg 7 def Goodwood 3

Another warm night for our second twilight of the season.

We welcomed back some players with Max Brown, Beau Bishop, Joe Gluyas & Ben Keeping all suiting up.

Chris Burkholder was on hill and settled into a rhythm from the get go. Chris received some valuable run support when the hitting line-up exploded with a 5 run first innings. Tyson Arnold & Mason Clavell, keeping their hot form going.

A great win in a truly 4 point game for the boys.

Division 2 - Glenelg 4 def Northern Districts 0

We filled the cars with petrol and waved good bye to the GBC as we started are northern adventure last Sunday against Northern Districts.

Being slightly depleted due to State duties and a couple of late season holidays the young studs where joined in the infield by old scholar Brian Hiller at first.

We got the chance to swing the sticks first being the away team and Jacob showing new aggression in the leadoff hole smashed a single up the middle to get us rolling. Rion followed suit and mags duly drove In Jacob with a single to left. A walk to Hayden had the bases loaded one out but unfortunately we did not have the ground dimensions correct in our heads and after Adam hit a tracer to right Hayden was found short at first for an inning ending double play.

Hayden took to the dolomite and shaken from his base running started the first a little rusty, after plunking ex GBC Tyson Lees (by accident) he settled ending the inning with a strike out.

A walk to Kyle in the second had speed on the base paths Jacob realizing this stayed hot and hit a double over the left fielders head to score him from first Bays two nil up.

Hayden found his control over the next innings easily disposing of Northern district hitters, but despite another hit to Jacob an excellent executed hit and run single to Rion we just could not muster any runs. It was not from lack of trying as everybody was hitting the ball hard just straight to red jumpers.

The game was tighter then it needed be Hayden was holding us in it but we needed some luck. In stood Darcy who was having a hell of a game at second hoovering everything in sight. His day would get better as he lead of the 6 with a base hit duly stole second and excellent heads up base running had him nab third. Jacob staying red hot produced a moon shot over first to get the young man home. A little breathing space 3 nil up.

We scored an insurance run in the 8 with Jacob again reaching on a lucky of the base into his glove then throwing error by third getting Jacob to second. Rion who was running as hot as mouse then smashed a double into right of the fence to score him making it 4 nil into the reds last at bat.

Hayden went out to start the 8 and after giving up a leadoff triple retired the last batter he was allowed to face before handing the ball to Jacob for his season debut on the hill. The mouse wasted no time getting a shallow fly to centre then a ground out to third to keep the shout out complete.

Hayden was superb going 7.1 innings with 10 strike outs one walk and said hit by pitch. Jacob and Rion at the top of the line-up collected 4 hits each Mouse also driving in two of the runs we scored. The defence behind Hayden was superb. The pleasing thing was the entire team was up and about everybody did something to contribute. A big thanks for Brian for backing up and collecting yet another hit. his delayed stealing was vintage baseball at its best just needs to work on the slides

We take on the Grover’s of Golden next weekend on their home deck in a two way swing game. Let’s come out on top

Division 3 - Glenelg 8 def Northern Districts 4

The first of the dreaded back to back long road trips (Norths then Golden Grove next week). With the playing numbers crunch as a result of national youth championships, injuries and other matters. We had players backing up from the fours to play and then everyone else backing up for division 2 later that day – in all the weekend was a real positive example of club spirit and was wonderful to see.

Darcy Gluyas got the start on the hill and was fantastic. Throwing plenty of strikes and whilst we weren’t at our sharpest defensively, Darcy breezed through four innings – a nice running catch in left field by the night hawk (Grant Jones) another highlight. Darcy ran into a wall in the fifth inning – again defensively we didn’t help him like we can but in his second start of the year Darcy gave us everything we hoped for and then some – great effort young man.

Offensively we started out very unlike us – our tempo and commitment to the parts of baseball that require no ability (hustle etc) were not to the standard we expect. It took a couple of reminders mid innings and a mid game fightback from Norths before that message truly got through but when it did we started playing like we can.

Leon Eldridge came on and put out the fire in the fifth inning and completed the game from there earning the Win, and very pleasing with Zane Hiller’s breakout game – going 3-4 on the day and playing a very nice second base. This kid would be a first year 17s player but is playing a fine role for us in the threes – and there is nothing like seeing a father and son play together in the same side and both produce at a high standard.

Final score 8-4 good guys.

Everyone made contact hard at least once, and you could see that give us a strong base to work from for the coming weeks.

Quick reminder for everyone – Lainie Hiller has very graciously been volunteering to professionally film / photograph some of our games around the club. If you wish to use her images personally (on social media etc) please ensure you credit her accordingly and do not adjust the images without consent. Please speak with Lainie around the club if you have any questions or queries on this.

Editor Note: I won't say it's modesty prevents him from saying it, but Bender has omitted to point out that when the game was in the balance he came up with a clutch 3 run homer to break it open in our favour.

Division 4 - Glenelg 5 lost to Sturt 6

The events that have unfolded over the past 24 hours make it tough to write with much enthusiasm. The annoyance of dropping a game certainly got put in its place upon hearing about the loss of one of our GBC brothers.

Sturt came to play, we started rather lack lustre. Stevens took the pill, we had a somewhat makeshift field, but our experience and skill should have been enough to back up a huge effort that Stevo put up for us on the bump.

The Saints starter got through us in the first and was one and done. They scored in the 2nd on the back of a two out error. We got back to back singles from Stevens and Millar in, but were unable to trouble the scorers. The visitors got a couple more and suddenly it was 3-0. Bender Handy lead off the 4th with a double, a triple to Kloeds got our first run in, Lenny singled and it was back to 3-2. The coach lead off with a double to start the bottom of the 5th, but was unable to progress beyond 2B and an opportunity slipped through our hands.

Stevens bared down and left the game after throwing 6 innings in testing conditions. We grabbed the lead for the first time in the bottom of the 6th through a lead-off double to Quals, a single to centre from Kloeds, followed by 3 hits in a row and we had plated 3 runs to take the lead 5-3. A tough call on an IF fly rule ultimately killing off our rally from the confusion.

Sturt came out firing in the last, scored 3 on 4 hits and it was 6-5. The bottom of the last saw us load the bases, the winning run 180 feet away, we hit a ball foul by a few feet, if it’s fair we the game, but today wasn’t to be that day. Generally outplayed and we eat the burger served up.

Right now all this BS pales into insignificance after the loss of our mate, Little Trav.

Although he’d been away for a while, anytime we had the chance to catch up when he was back in town he always had that trademark beaming smile, and we always had a hug for each other. Travy was that kinda guy who made you smile, you didn’t have a choice coz his smile and laughter was infectious. Great to share a drink with and some tales of his travels and fishing life up in WA. His passing is still incomprehensible, coz to me he was that cheerful guy who made others happy. He will be missed.

As a result, I can’t reiterate enough, please ask your friends if they are doing ok, even if they seem to be fine. Be an ear even if you didn’t, or couldn’t have known that they needed one. If you feel like life has got you down, reach out, please reach out. People are always there, it is ok to not be ok, but please give someone, anyone, the opportunity to show you a path back to the light.

We are a family, and sadly again, we are less one brother. Our thoughts and hearts go out to all your family and friends. Love you bud, I sure hope you knew.

Division 5 - Glenelg 8 def Sturt 4

Apologies to those who plan their week around attempting to decipher my report, because this weeks’ summary is written with a heavy heart. Before I get to the more important stuff, here is a precis of our Saturday arvo in the sun.

Back on the road again after some home cooking, our boys notched up a solid if unspectacular win against the Saints at Norman Bates Reserve. Hollywood Holmes decided to pretty much try and do everything himself, however his fielding radar was a little off as he made more pad saves than Patrick Roy in the early going. Despite some early fielding woes the great man settled down and piffed a tasty complete game. On the offensive side of things, the Ninja Slice ripped things up and was ably assisted by his trusty sidekicks Mr. Freeze and the Caveman, with all of the boys doing some good stuff on ‘O” or “D”.

Now, onto a more important issue. The GBC lost another of its own this week in Travvy McLeod, and I’m sure a lot of you are struggling to come to terms with how a much loved fun-filled ratbag who has recently had some amazing world travel experiences, could end up leaving behind so many who loved him, in such tragic circumstances.

Having known and played on the same teams as T-bag for a long time, this one hurts a lot. Rather than try and figure out the “why?” (I’m sure I am not alone in feeling confusion, guilt and overwhelming sadness since being aware of the tragedy), it is important that we do all we can to try and prevent such a tragedy occurring again – not just within our GBC family, but also our own family and extended circle of friends.

So PLEASE, if you have a feeling that somebody you know is a bit out of sorts, agitated, or just not themselves, start a conversation. Be available. Let them know you have their back. If you are reading this and you are not OK - call me, message me, Facebook me (don’t snapchat me because clearly I’m too old for that), let’s TALK. I implore you all to do the same.

I love my family and I love my GBC family, so please do everything in your power to embrace and protect what we are all truly blessed to have – each other. RIP #95

Division 6 - Glenelg 6 def Sturt 4

We travelled to Sturt to face of against our arch nemesis and current top side the Saints. With Barry Lunnon taking the mound, we new it was not going to be an easy day of relaxing on the lush turf next to the Brownhill creek.

We opened the game with Burton and Pycock both getting on and home with a single and double respectively. Swansson was the only other to reach first being hit by the pitcher, the other 3 batters to face all fell to see up 2 up heading to field. With word that Sturts line up had been struggling against the Junk pitchers Potter dialled himself down to 3 and attacked, having Sturt out after 4 batters.

The second inning we didn’t offer much in the way of bats going 3 up 3 down. The bottom half of Sturts line up came out with something to prove managing to grab 3 hits off Potter. The inning was over after 6 batters with Sturt fail to score any.

The third Inning we started again with Burton grabbing a single. Boris Kilpatrick helped us with a single scoring Burton before the next 2 batters failed to fire. Swansson struggling with a case of Delhi belly managed to waddle his way to third for a triple, scoring Boris before the third out fell next batter. Our fielding Inning started with Potter bamboozling Sturts first up with a Change-up/Junk/Gravity ball to grab a KC before one of the many Lunnon’s double. Two more batters faced up and fell to the magic of Potter.

The Fourth wasn’t great with Boris doing a Hamstring and us failing to fire, with the only highlights being hits to Bradey and Capuano. Sturts fourth wasn’t any better with boy wizard Potter working his magic once again.

The fifth saw Pycock, Major and Swansson all grab singles, but after 6 batters we could only manage to add 1 to the board. Sturt shook us in the fifth scoring 3 runs as they started to dial in on Potter. A double play (4-6-3) being a major player in us shutting down Sturts attack.

The sixth we were licking our wounds and started the dig with Capuano reaching first, after being hit by pitcher Lunnon. Burton walked and Pycock singled to see Capuano home, but that was it for us in the sixth. Sturts first up copped a ball in the back to reach first, Sturt then used next 4 batters to score him, but that was all.

The seventh we tripped and fell 1,2,3, heading to field all we had to do was shut Sturt down. Potter having only enough in his pitch count for one batter saw the pesky J. Lunnon grab a double before Major was brought in to close. Major not having pitched in a while was stellar going 1,2,3 to see us take the Win 6-4

Hits – Pycock (3). Burton, Swansson (2). Kilpatrick, Major, Bradey, Capuano (1).

Division 6 - Tigers def Adelaide

In another sunny day down at the bay

Div 6 Tigers, how would they do on Saturday?

They played the Angels of Adelaide

Their baseball nous was truly displayed

a ten run win was the end result this day.


One of our best performers was Mitch

A complete game on the mound he did pitch

Not only did he throw, He also hit a few strike

Along with Langers, Kristian and Spike

They all made baseball their niche.


A hit was achieved by all

The same can't be said about fielding the ball

The first play of the game was hit straight to shortstop

He may have thought it took a bad hop

But he couldn't even field a beachball.


With a handful of games to be played out

These games will be tight, no doubt.

We will be on again next week

Showing off our mind and physique

The best baseball player is Mike Trout


There once was a young man called chuck

He liked to drive his big truck

He had a nice girlfriend called Sue

She liked driving it too

But what they most like to do is watch a good movie.

Division 7 - Glenelg lost to Sturt

With a beautiful summers day, Div 7 where keen to enjoy, with a guest appearance by Matt White on the hill, Sturt our opposition ,had other ideas and started soundly with the bat,plating 2 ,the good guys met the challenge with 2 of our own ,in the second due to good batting and and base running sturt managed 7 , white began to fire and the asian sensation(Timmy tiger ) decided to play and held em for a couple of digs and managed a couple back. But Sturt played out the game strongly and came away victors ,we will regroup and play hard again next week ,see ya on the track coach Ali

Senior Match Reports - 23rd January 2018