Senior Match Reports

Wednesday 27 February 2019

Division 1 - Glenelg 2 lost to Port Adelaide 5

A cracker of a game with the Magpies getting the early runs via two solo homers, only for Ben Keeping to respond with a big two run shot for the good guys in the 4th. After that it was a real pitchers battle with Tim Day maintaining his solid late season form and keeping the hot magpie bats in check. Unfortunately the Magpies were able to rally together 3 runs at the top of the 7th and we couldn't respond. Along with his home run Ben was able to gather another hit to add to the scattered hits from Max Brown, Mason Clavell, Beau Bishop, Tyson Arnold and Dylan Bentley. A game in which we certainly had chances to pull off a win.

Division  1 - Glenelg 7 def Port Adelaide 0

After a loss in game one, a big effort was required by the lads in front of the blokes from the 1982/83 premiership team celebrating a re-union. Enter back in form Chris Burkholder who picked up where he left of last Tuesday, in a super important outing for the Division 1 lads. Chris was superb on the hill tossing a 3 hit, 6 innings shut out against the Magpies, picking up 9 punch outs along the way.

Offensively Ben Keeping stayed hot picking up another couple of knocks, including an early RBI double, Beau Bishop went big with a long ball in the 4th innings, with Elliott Ross (2 hits), Max Brown, Mason Clavell & Dylan Bentley adding some green pencil to the scorebook.

An important win as it secured a post season spot for the lads and now with just the one minor round game to go they can tune up for a finals assault.

Division 1 - Glenelg 6 def Golden Grove 2

A warm night for the last minor round game for Division 1 boys, being scheduled the bye for the last round.

An important game to win as whilst the top 6 teams have now been confirmed, they are all still jockeying for final positions

Gamer flipped the ball to Jayden Eldridge for the start and the Dodgers got off to a good start putting up a 2 spot on the back of 3 scattered hits.

In response Max Brown got us off to a perfect comeback with a lead off dinger and then hits to Elliott Ross and Beau Bishop plated us another run to tie it up.

From that point on Jayden was in control shutting out the Grovers over the next 5 innings allowing just the one hit and one walk, helped by some solid defence all night long.

Offensively we keep tacking on some runs with some good hitting an base running from Beau and Aled Loy.

Division 2 - Glenelg 5 def Port Adelaide 2

Are summer, a nice cool breeze off the beach and shortened games due to a 37 degree heat policy.

This is what greeted the lads as we headed home again on Sunday to take on Port.

There was a good vibe around the ground due to men’s health day the day before and the 1982 /83 reunion coming down later to watch the a grade.

The pill was thrown to Will and after we dragged him away from the bar ( filing up a water cooler) he went out to the mound and proceeded to strike out the first magpie hitter. He easily got us back in to swing them.

Knowing this was a must win game Sonny smashed a double to the fence an aled walk excellent stolen bases by Sonny and Aled set the scene for the young spring chicken Zed to smash one down the right field line scoring two.

Will clearly watching Bull Durham on the bench did his best Nuke the loose impersonation either striking guys out walking them or hitting them. With some help from the field no damage done and we got to swing them again.

Mathews got a one out single in the second Kyle running for him stole second and scored on an error by short stop bays go 3 – nil up.

Will again dance with the devil in the 3rd this time a run scoring due to an error behind him but the lads where in front still 3 – 1

A pitching change from the magpies saw us take our chances back to back hits to Rion and Mags allowed Wurfel to collect an RBI single to left a pass ball allowing another run to cross we had a handy 5 – 1 lead

Will demanding the ball to start the 3rd easily struck out the first two magpie hitters with his pitch count heading to the hundreds and two strikes on the next batter the bench was hoping for the punch out. It was not to be the lucky magpie hitting a double.

This would end Wills day with an interesting stat line of giving up 2 hits  striking out 6 but walking 5 and hitting 4 in 3 .2 innings of work.  If the man has not seen it he really does have to watch Bull Durham.

Brian came in for his pitching debut and after walking the first batter he has faced all year struck out the next to end the game.

We did what we had to do in a short heat effected game now for Gawler

Division 3 - Glenelg 6 def Port Adelaide 3

In a heat shortened affair we faced the Magpies from Port Adelaide – we previously faced these guys in our first hit out of the year and suffered a defeat as we struggled with our offensive timing against their pitching.

With the minor premiership locked up with took the opportunity to prepare for finals by getting some work into guys who will be needed to absorb innings in the playoffs as we move from 2 hour games to 9 innings affairs. Darcy Gluyas worked two strong innings, Anders with a nice inning of his own and finished up with two silky innings from Lenny.

After a shutdown inning to begin by Darcy we jumped out to a two run lead on the back of some good at bats. Port responded with single runs in each of the next three innings whilst holding us scoreless to take the lead. Being a 90 minute match the sense of urgency increased as we went into the bottom of the fourth looking to retake the lead. Anders had a great at bat walking to start us off. We ultimately loaded them up with none out before Port made a nice play on a fielders choice out at home. Still down one with one out we cleared the bases with a double to right centre to retake the lead. Brian Hiller came up big with two outs to single to left to drive in another and we had taken a 6 to 3 lead.

Lenny made that hold up in the top of the fifth and we’d had a nice finals quality tune up to prepare us for the coming weeks.

One last home game vs Gawler next week – Go Tigers.

Division 4 - Glenelg 5 def Goodwood 2

Fresh off a bye we rolled out for the final game of the regular season. With both teams having cemented a top 4 position it was set to be a cracking ball game. With Mens Health day in full swing at the Bay guys took advantage of a few spinal adjustments, vision checks and heart rate recordings, yet we still managed to have 9 healthy guys to base a line-up around.

Before I start – a big thanks to Peter McG & the rest of the board members involved in organizing a great day for something that means more than ever to a lot of us right now. Serves as a very good reminder to check in with your mates and take care of yourselves and each other.

With the run of road games at home out of the way, I flipped the pill to Stevens to kick off the top of the 1st. A 3 up, 3 down was just what the doctor ordered, but the home guys stranded a couple in our half of the 1st after some good AB’s against the visiting hurler. Sadler wasted no time leading off the 2nd despatching a first pitch single into CF, a base on balls and a text book bunt later and we had runners on 2nd & 3rd with 1 out. HardCore Williams dumped a basehit into left and it was 2-0 to the home team.

The away team found some OF grass to lead off the 3rd frame with a single and a base hit saw the score move to 2-1. The bottom half of the 3rd saw the bays plate a couple of red runs and we moved back out to a 4-1 lead.

Gamer Eldridge threw the final 3 frames. Moving at the pace of at least 3.0 Sanga’s per second I attempted a diving catch of sorts in the alley with 2 outs and a runner on. Spilling out my glove as I hit the ground leaked in a run and upped my angst a little further for the day.

We tacked on an extra run late with back to back singles from Greg Abroe and Corey resulting in time and game being called with runners on the corners and 2 outs.

This game marked the end of the regular season, we have put ourselves in a great spot to have a real crack at the best part of the year. Super effort from all involved. Now the fun stuff really begins, good luck to all the yellow & black teams heading into the playoffs in the coming weeks!

Division 5 - Glenelg 18 def Dodgers 0

Yet another beautiful cloud free day greeted the Snakes Alives as we prepared for our final minor round battle of the season, this time against the Dodger Dogs of Golden Grove. With Men’s Health Day on the menu at Kenny Anderson Field, Biscuits Wilson dropped off the bag of Tim Tam goodness before grabbing the pill and taking his spot on the mound to get proceedings under way.

With a bit of help from his right side mates in Krajagoogoo and Beef Borrito, Biscuits breezed through the first to give the boys a chance to get on top in the bottom half. The Juchzenmeister, slotting in for leadoff duties, mashed one to the minimalist outfield of two – only to find the flowing weave of outfielder 7.5 swooping in and taking a cracking grab to dismiss everyone’s favourite pole for out number “jeden”. Patty G-Spot walked to get things rolling and the craze caught on better than a fidget-spinner at primary school as Cavey Jones repeated the dosage. Krajagoogoo wore one before Slicey Mc Sliceface walked and the scoring frenzy was underway. Ghost Faced Killah hit one to 3B who knocked it into leftfield then Steaky Sangwidge resumed regular programming by taking a base on balls. Beef Borrito became Beaned Borrito, Hollywood, keen to take his licks was denied with another walk, then the inning came to a close with a base knock from that man Juchster again. 7-0 after one inning.

Rather than bore the readers with the rest of proceedings, Biscuits rolled through the Grovers (now with a full nine players), giving up just the one hit in another solid performance which is pretty much what this warrior gives you every time. We mixed some hits in amongst the walks, the highlight being back to back long balls from Cavey Johnson and Big Krajy to put an exclamation mark on proceedings.

Before the Gotham City double riddlers called an end to this one, there was still room for the Kenmax play of the day. With a runner at first, the Bombay Bomber, showing off his infield skillz and the Volkswagen combined for the first out. The VW took care of the second, and this one looked to fizzle out to the expected finish. Then, something happened that has not been seen since Johnny Sangercock had a red glove. With runners at 1st and 2nd, a base hit to Hollywood at rightfield broke up the no hitter. As Hollywood stalked the pill with the idea of piffing it to the plate at fastball speed, the runner rounding third hesitated. Unfortunately for the visitors, the runner rounding second did not. Realising he had nowhere to go, he spun around to retreat to second – except he froze when he saw Hollywood’s dreamy eyes racing toward him, despite being 200 feet away. What ensued was akin to a David Attenborough documentary, with the Dodger Dog runner resembling the injured Wildebeest, and our own pitcher-turned-rightfielder as the hungry Cheetah. The Cheetah picked up his pace with the pill in his glove and ran all the way from rightfield to the startled Wildebeest who didn’t know where to go. His fate sealed, the Hollywood Cheetah attacked, biting the flank of the startled prey and tagging him out in the process. Game Over.

Now the fun games begin. Good luck to all GBC teams playing in the finals, go get ‘em Tiges!

Division 6 - Glenelg 10 drew with Tigers 10

Last minor round game Div 6 Glenelg v Div 6 Tigers. (from this point on Glenelg will be known as Star Wars Characters, from "the Dark Side" and as the Tigers are the good guys they are "The Republic" characters)

In a game which would decide who finishes 2nd and therefore 3rd (unless there was a draw, which probably wouldn't happen) had all the indicators flashing that this may well be a close one.

The Jedi Order started reasonably well against the Galactic Empire and halfway through the battle at Anderson reserve, had a slender 1 run advantage.  The Jedi's had their light-sabers working, with Graham "Obi Wan" Langley and John "FN-2187"

Sandercock both starring with hitting. Others wielding the laser sword included Heath "Wedge" Hill, Kristian "Qui-Gon" Mundy and Marty "Mace Windu" Beyer all with clutch extra base hits. Our force with the offence was however slightly let down defensively. Sam "Chirrit Imwe" Dixon, Peter "Lando" Fenwick and Obi Wan all pitched a couple of innings each and did reasonably well.

With one inning to go the Jedi order were down a couple, but with a couple of hits and a timely mistake from the Empire centre fielder "Kylo Ren" we were tied with 2 out (and a runner at 3rd). An errant pitch ensued a hectic play with the speedy runner at third attempting to change the score however catcher "Boba Fett" flipped the ball to the advancing pitcher "General Grievous" for the final out of the inning tagging Gary "Poe Dameron" Mullighan.

Ensuring the Rebel Alliance would not be victorious on this occasion.

Obi Wan was bought on to pitch, to help preserve a 10-10 scoreline. A couple of hits, a Kylo Ren K2 and an intentional walk to "Admiral Piett" had the bases loaded with 2 out.

But the force was strong with Obi Wan as he ended the game with a Boba Fett strikeout.  Which ended a highish quality div 6 confrontation.

The First Order had some good batters themselves including Thomas "Jar Jar" Burton, Scott "Wampa" Bradey, Connor "Kylo" Major,

Shiro "Grievous" Mariko and Rhys "Darth Maul" Capuano.

A draw was not enough for the Rebel Alliance to overtake the First Order on the ladder, with the final top 4 finals placing going to Sturt, The Galactic Empire, The Rebel Alliance and Southern Districts. Meaning a further "Good v Bad" confrontation may happen in the upcoming week as a Glenelg v Tigers elimination final is slated for next week.

This report has been brought to you by the letters F and Y and by the number 51.

Division 7 - Glenelg 9 lost to Angels 17

Last game of the season who would of thought season has flown by. After been competitive most of the season with lots of good times had.Angles came out in the first swinging a hot bat and plated 6 runs ,we knew we had to start strong ,which we didn’t quite do plating 1, Connor fought back on the mound to hold them to 3 runs in the second and we needed to fire which we did plating 7runs at the end of second scores 9 to 8 down game on. We then had Corbin on the bump who tried hard but Adelaide had the answers plating another 7 runs . Final score 17 to 9 down, but some awesome batting by Lainie Hiller going 3 for 3 with a triple amongst the hits, and Luke Bramley hitting a double and a triple kept smiles on faces. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the team much appreciated coach/ Ali

Senior Match Reports