Senior Match Reports - 19th December

Thursday 19 December 2019

Division 1 - Glenelg 0 lost to Kensington 7

Similar theme that we can't seem to turn around. Pitching was solid, but with the offence only being able to garner one hit for the day, to Dale Ziersch, no run support.

Boys will dust themselves off for their final crack at a win for 2019 against the Reds out North this sunday.

Division 2 - Glenelg 4 lost to Kensington 7

Probably gave them too much of a head start and then had opportunities to win the game back. 

Not too many highlights, but Hayden McGearey's late game grand slam was one of them.

Division 3 - Glenelg 8 lost to Kensington 12

The score doesn’t really tell a true story of how well the guys played here. With Will Burke fresh off the IL he made his first start at 1B which he will need to work his way into, but he swung the bat great, a double to fence a highlight.

L Thommo battled his way through 4 innings on the hill for us. Archie and Kyle had great at bats, and caused some havoc on the base paths, hopefully signs of really good things to come in the next couple of months.

We wrestled the lead away from them in the back half of the game, but were unable to hold out some strong veteran hitters in the Cardinals line-up. Darcy Gluyas threw the final couple of frames for us.

A pretty good game that shows we are getting a step closer. A few things to sharpen up on for us as well.

Division 4 - Glenelg 0 lost to Southern Districts 1

We got shut out, I couldn’t even begin to try and come up with a date the last time this happened. With a couple of faces away we reshuffled the line-up which paid off early with a lead-off single from Bobby to start the game off. Marshy followed this with a single of his own, and before we could blink it was 1st and 3rd which no outs. With potential ERA calculations buzzing around in his mind the south hurler was having none of this and proceeded to sit down the next 3 guys in order to fizzle out our early threat.

From this point on it really became a pitcher’s duel, T Stevenson for the good guys and Stato for the hometown team. Trading zeroes became a regular flow and the thought of a 9 inning game started to enter the thoughts of the 8 person strong crowd in attendance.

We had a couple of chances to drive in runs, but sadly lacked that big hit needed. Which really was the story of the day for both teams. The only run of the game coming in the bottom of the 6th, after loading the bases and 1 out I pushed the middle infielders back, of course a slow chopper was the go and instead of what could have been an opportunity to get that out at the plate, we surrendered a run and ultimately couldn’t claw it back.

A great contest and a great heads up for us all with a game left before the break. It will be nice to get back for a home game!

Division 5 - BYE

Division 6 - Glenelg 23 def Goodwood 9

Firstly, I would like to way that that Fiona's Flirtatious Fortunes would only ever happen if we played a game so uninspiring that the exploits of a blossoming Fi would be more captivating than a Division 6 match report.

Young Fiona was bathing her fully naked body on the damp pool deck, savouring her iced pink lemonade with a splash of vodka. When she suddenly heard a creak of the side gate... 

Jittery was not Fiona, as she smoothly boosted herself up and casually draped her body in a light crimson Georgette robe and and slipped on some rose Cuban heels. And went to investigate.

Matthew stood frozen as he gazed upon the alluring figure in front of him. The almost see-through robe, clearly showing off Fi's feminine proportions and her......

Glenelg Division 6 defeated Goodwood division 6 23-9

Justin "Blood and Thunder" Oliver starting things rolling for us in the batter's box.

Rhys "Flat-Peak" Capuano and Boris "Brook" Kilpatrick kept it going with some good late hitting to fend off the feisty Indians. 

Some other people may or may not have got hits too and caught or not caught some baseballs.

Division 6 - Glenelg Tigers 17 def Adelaide 9

Division 7 - Glenelg 2 lost to Glenelg 14

It was a cold and extremely stormy morning down at GBC. Despite the hailstones we trudged out on the field determined to give it our all.

Despite 2 dislocated shoulders, three broken toes and a runny nose, Mega opened the pitching sitting down the opening three with 9 pitches. At this stage the lightning was fierce but it didn’t matter as the entire lineup got (metal) bats on ball scattering fielders at will. This same scene was reported through innings two. 

Things took a turn for the worse when Timmy was struck by a lighting bolt, Jordz was impaled on the fence after stealing a homer with a ferocious leap, Ali was knocked unconscious as one of their players threw a bat, and Corbin broke his arm tackling a streaker which had found his way onto the field (as is tradition for 10am div 7 matches)

None of this mattered as we battled on bravely against the Korean Olympic Squad. Lenny decided he would have a crack and as always delivered despite the fact he walked from Gawler for this game. Slippery Steve ruptured his Achilles, Blake got in a full blown fist fight with the umpire (who is unknown to us) and came out second best and Adam was arrested during the bottom of the third which reduced the team to three people by the end.

The final score was tight, but the real winner was Baseball on the day (and the other team). 

Ctrl Alt Delete…...

Senior Match Reports - 19th December