Senior Match Reports - 10th December 2019

Tuesday 10 December 2019

Division 1 - Glenelg 0 lost to West Torrens 4

Scorcher of a day for our crucial match up at West Beach against our rivals from across the other side of the airport.

We started well with both bat and ball, with good hits to Tyson Arnold & Dylan Bentley but couldn't convert some early hits into runs, something which has troubled us all season.

Daisy was outstanding on the hill through his 5 innings of work posting constant zeros.

Ben Keeping patrolled the vast expanses of Diamond Sports catching everything at centre field, two catches one coming in and one going back were elite.

With the game in the balance and time running out, the Eagles took the better of their chances and posted some late runs that we couldn't peg back.

Another disappointing result, the boys will dust themselves of and prepare for another tough encounter against Kensies on sponsors day next Sunday

Division 2 - Glenelg 1 lost to West Torrens 3

Well summer finally arrived on Sunday with the mercury hitting above 37 degree we played a shortened game against west Torrens at the home of baseball.

Shortened game means a shorten report as both Hilly and Jayden for us and the Chapmans for West Torrens had the better of all batters.

In saying that we did have our chances in the second with Mags walking and stealing both second and third but we just could not get the ball in play to bring him home.

We finally did score a run with Mags again drawing a walk with two outs advancing to second on Wurfels hit stealing third again to show the first time was no fluke and then scoring on wittys hit to right. The inning would end with Wurfel being thrown out at home pushing for an extra run.

The wheels game of the next inning as a speedy West Torrens runner beat the throw to second where the ball on the throw to first went wild allowing him to score. A sun ball foul ball gave the west Torrens hitter in the box another chance which he took driving in the go ahead run.

Hilly after reaching his pitch count gave the ball to Jayden for the finally out of the inning.

Despite walks to Aled and Darcy the next inning we just could not get that big hit to drive them in again stranding the go ahead runs on.

Jayden went out to do the last inning and after west Torrens scored another run and with his pitch count at an end the game was called.

We showed we can match it with them just a few mental lapses and being a little timid in the box allowed the game to get away from us.

The pleasing thing was how dominate Hilly was again showing real control up there.

The other pleasing thing was Jayden making his return from injury and getting through his pitches with no discomfort.

Onwards and upwards

Division 3 - Glenelg 1 lost to West Torrens 8

With a heat reduced game on the cards we headed to the home of the team formerly known as The Bite to take on a strong Eagles side. They had a couple of ex-A grade hurlers, we certainly did not. Archie Lovelock hit a double in the first, but we didn’t get that next hit to drive him in. L Thompson took the pill for us, and had a solid outing from a guy with his stuff.

Kai Reid took some nice catches in the OF and our defence all around was quite good, but the pitching certainly defined the game a little.

The 90 minutes was certainly enough on this day, appreciate the contest and the enjoyment the game was played in this week, with 2 games left before xmas we are battling away pretty well.

Division 4 - Glenelg 31 def Adelaide 2

It was nice to be back at home and the bats really showed up this week. Tristan Stevens got through the first without too much trouble, Deebs lead off with a single to get the ball rolling in the bottom half, we took advantage of a misplayed double play ball to score a couple, then a 2 out, 2 run single to Lachy Eldridge gave us a 5-0 lead.

The Angels scored a couple with a ground ball finding its way to the OF, but the second inning belonged to the home team. Quals hit a grand slam and a 2 run double to drive in 6 runs in the same inning. Stevenson had a great game, throwing the CG while collecting 3 knocks, including hitting the fence on the full. Leaving a dent in both the Page Excavation sign, and also his chances of that elusive homer.

Deebs and Quals  racked up 9 hits between them, while the rest of the line-up had 14. A pretty decent day out for everyone.

Gamer held the lead on the best defensive play of the day with some of his work at first base, until the coached got his first outfield assist of the season. Being likened to Vlad Guerrero isn’t something I take lightly, even when it is only by myself about myself,  but a 9 to 5 cutting down their fastest runner at 3B is pretty good for this guy.

With two tough opponents ahead of us before the break, we will head back up the hill for the 2nd time in a few weeks to face the league leaders at the Hawkdome. We look forward to embracing the challenge.

Division 5 - Glenelg 9 def Adelaide 1

Brought to you by Blockbuster Video…”Wow, what a difference”

For the first time this season the Snakes Alives took on the City Nine in the friendly GBC confines on Sparky Anderson Avenue. With the Slavic toponym unavailable due to work duties, it was up to the magic hands of The Bandwagon to pick up the slack on a one week rental  – which the great man did in fine style. After yet another marathon plate meeting that had Beef Borrito concerned he would need to re-up as the Herron Ibuprofen was wearing off, this one was underway.

Inning one saw the visitors threaten to take a handy lead with a couple of hits, a walk and an error, but just one runner crossed the plate as the others were erased on the basepaths due to some rather over-enthusiastic running. The good guys went straight to work, with a leadoff walk to partydub setting the table. The Fenomenon and Dixoman had Mad Dog reaching for the green pencil while Carter USM reached on an error. A walk to the Slice kept things rolling and before you could say “the Feezer is neither black nor white”, the Snakes Alives had a 5-1 lead.

Skimbo settled in and with the help of Dixoman hoovering everything up in the hot corner like Gary Ryan in his hey day, the City Nine was kept off the board throughout the rest of a beautiful sunny afternoon. The Tiges added a 3-spot in the second with hits to the Green Hornet, the Great Northern Man and infield knocks to Ghost Faced Killah and the Feezer. With an 8-1 lead, this one had the crowd on its feet as much as an international T20 cricket match or a Hootie and the Blowfish concert.

All that was left was for the birthday boy to make a few nice plays after shouting ‘Dixo..Dixo…man….I wannna be….a Dixo man”, followed by getting a base knock  before scoring the game’s final run. 9-1 Tiges the final.

Some tasty beverages with great mates in Peter Dixon’s dugout – served by the two Petes – one of which was the great man himself – topped off the day nicely.

And it’s on to bye week….

Division 6 - Glenelg 6 lost to Playford City 15

Fiona has never cared much about swimwear, and today was no exception. It was a warm summer day, without a cloud in the sky.  What better way unwind than a relaxing day by the pool.

You wouldn't call Fiona a shy or timid girl, even through her teenage year her spirit and tenacity shone.  Now a fully mature woman, she Oozed confidence with a capital Oh.

Just in the moment she exited the cool water the afternoon sun glistened off her smooth skin. The way the light sparkled from the beaded water covering Fiona's supple body made a psychedelic hue of colour.

Meagre breeze gently dried Fiona as she lay down on the pool deck, bathing her already tan frame.  And then suddenly..................................

If you're still reading this Glenelg div 6 lost to Playford City 15-6 at Broadmeadows Reserve (Which is a very good baseball ground now, lush grass and home run fence.  My compliments to the ground staff).

Thanks To Timmy, Blake, Corban and Dan sticking around to help us guys out.

There were very few highlights maybe Rhys' fielding and the SwanDog hitting a bases clearing 2B to the gap.

*this is not my best work, but neither was our game*

Division 6 - Glenelg Tigers 6 lost to Woodville 10

Mitch again outstanding! pitched very well held Woodville for most of the game ,fenny came in late and was a bit unlucky draw two ground balls and a couple of close calls, we used Leaker late as a settler 

I believe we out hit Woodville, Fenny the pick of the bunch but there were many line drives, I forget to mention Paul Luders for last weeks game against SD picked up 3 hits 

Defensively a couple of mistakes but Fenny was a hoover at 3rd sucking up anything and Beyer excellent at 1st

Overall I felt we were a tad unlucky we played well .we did the right things at the wrong times , Mitchs drive with loaded bases 1 out only had to be a metre either way and we win Woodville played with the rosary beads, I  didn't  coach my best game waited a bit long to change pitches not giving our closer the best chance of shutting down. So I apologise for that.

We will regroup and go again next week

Division 7 - Glenelg 16 def Playford City 7

Senior Match Reports - 10th December 2019