Senior Match Reports - 14th November 2018

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Division 1 - Glenelg 4 lost to West Torrens 7

After a couple great wins against Kensington last week we finally headed back to the bay this week to face another tough competition in west Torrens. 

Was a real tough fought game with Chris Burkholder helping us get off to a good start on the mound we really needed to get on the board early and take the chances that were there.

Unfortunately a few chances for some big innings weren't taken and in the end west Forrest got the better of us and we lost 7/4.

Overall was a pretty good performance but with plenty of improvement to come we look forward to the weeks ahead.

Another home game this week against the senators so hopefully we can get back onto the winners list. 

Keep at it boys and the wins will come.

Division 2 - Glenelg 1 lost to West Torrens 4

We were back home on Sunday to take on our arch nemesis the eagles of the west.

The pill was handed to Hilly for his first Div 2 start of the year and the boys where ready to take the field.

Unfortunately for us West Torrens came out swinging. a leadoff walk to open the game followed by a double allowing Henty to try and score from first. Flynn had other ideas and through an excellent relay throw to Elliot nabbed him at the plate.

That was the only highlight of the inning as a few hard hit balls and miscues saw us finally come in to hit 3 runs down.

We just could not get are bats going against Cooper Marsh for the entire game only managing to score a run on a walk to Elliot, Mags reaching on an error and Hayden hitting a single to right. We only collect three hits on the day which is really disappointing as only the week before we had 9 hits and ten walks.

On the pitching front after the first inning Hilly settled and despite giving up another run calmed the west Torrens bats over his last two innings. Oz came into relief and though struggled at times made some important pitches to get out of jams to post donuts over the three frames he worked.

We went down 4 -1 against a quality opposition but the frustrating thing was the body language when we went three down early. It looked like we panicked and went away from what has been winning us games. Meaning taking walks driving the ball the other way and not trying to win the game with the long ball.

I think sometimes we forget baseball is a marathon not a sprint. Slow the game down control the controllable and know if you gave it your best effort that is all we ask.

Keep pushing  

Division 3 - Glenelg 5 def West Torrens 0

On a gorgeous morning for baseball – your road weary Division 3 collective faced up against the undefeated league leaders in West Torrens. With double header baseball over for a while we had the luxury of a 10am start and more importantly pitching reinforcements from above.

To complement Flynn’s return we were blessed with the presence of Andrew Qualmann to assume the catching duties with division 4 enjoying the bye this week. Showing the value of a veteran presence guiding Flynn and his talented arm through proceedings Andy whilst reaching base 3 times on two hits also guided Flynn through 7 strong innings. Flynn took control of proceedings giving us our first complete game shut out on the season.

With a line up that resembled the youthful groups we are more used to in this grade this season we managed to score 5 runs on the back of some quality at bats, some very good baserunning and taking advantage of some overly aggressive outfield positioning.

Racking up 7 hits to go with 2 walks and 3 hit by pitches we had runners on the bases all day – unfortunately one of the HBPs struck young Will Burke in the elbow and fingers crossed he wont miss too much time.

In all a solid hit out against quality competition. Got the bye this week as Woodville don’t have a division 3 team this year. See you all in a couple of weeks.

Division 4 - BYE

Division 5 - Glenelg 28 def Gawler 4

The third leg of our seven week road trip took us to South Australia’s oldest country town and the birthplace of “Boof” Lehmann, beautiful downtown Gawler. The state’s favourite cave rescue guy added another string to his already impressive return to the bay bow by taking the controls of the Ezyrent Vengabus as the rest of the crew took in the cow and sheep filled scenery in preparation for the game. Coach Mutz and his lucky seven’s racked up a win in the early game to set the tone, as the boys prepared almost without incident save a confrontation with an angry local who accused one of our boys of a social crime that didn’t actually take place. With #wizzgate behind us, Hollywood Katee relocated from the Pesky pole and NotJoe Nemeth on the hill, the boys prepared to hit.

Alas, not much hitting was required as the first inning went something like – Vdub walk, Fenomenon walk (one of his FIVE for the day), Darter double (yup, the bloke who probably shouldn’t get a strike did get one), Slice hit by pitch, Killer walk, Steak beanball, Hollywood single – then coach Borrito lined out for the only out of the inning before a WTG single and two more walks to Vdub and Fendog put an end to the first, 7-0 Snakes Alives.

Time to take the field with Kymbo Slice on the hill, and as we made our way to the field I noted that a couple of weeks ago at the City Nine we played on a diamond surrounded by a trotting track, today we were playing on a field with a trotting track INSIDE the field of play. No matter as the Slice got through the first with a minimum of fuss.

Rather than bore you with what happened afterwards, K-Slice rolled through two innings with ease, we racked up 26 free passes for the day (prompting a thought that maybe they could change their name to the WALKer (Texas) RANGERS) and 10 hits. With a lead of around 18 and having shut down the running game (which never actually existed as we didn’t steal any bases), one of the Rangers reached on a Vdub walk, then proceeded to steal second when not being held on. Killer, calm as always, may or may not have yelled “YA *&^% HILLBILLY!” much to the bewilderment of some and the amusement of many.

Anyway, we won 28-4, Vdub and Beef Borrito piffed an inning each for variety’s sake and we had some laughs at each other’s expense in a game that was not one for the VCR but nobody got injured, apart from HSR sporting a bit of RSI from colouring in too many circles, so that was nice.

In a first for me in 42 years of baseball, we shook hands with not only the opposition but also the pug that one of the players brought through the post-game handshake. Yup, a pug. Cute little bugger too.

A special thanks to Skewesy from Gawler who, over a couple of post-game bevvies kept us entertained with stories of Darren ‘Stix” Bails antics at the recent police and fire games in Mandurah, where, as team mates, they won the gold, and Stixy played a bit TOO hard off the field.

The bus trip home was fun as always, with the availability of Pale Ales seemingly at an all-time high, which I put down to the fact that the Krajinator was unavailable for duty.

The continuing road trip takes us back out to Northern Districts next week, where we will attempt to rack up another road win to keep pace with the top two teams.

Division 6 - Glenelg 15 def Adelaide 6


Division 6 - Tigers 19 def Hawks 3

Div 6 Tigers ventured on their longest road-trip of the season to take on the Hawks at Flaxmill Road.

The Tigers bats were fairly consistent throughout the contest scoring early and late, our fielding again was good (apart from 1 pop up).

Peter Fenwick, Marty Leaker and John Sandercock each threw a couple of competent innings without too much drama. 

At the plate today our best batters with Neil Northam with a hit or 4, Peter Fenwick with a couple of extra base knocks and maybe John Sandercock with a nice shot.

There were probably others (Not me but probably everyone else) that I could have said but I've already forgotten most that has happened - it was that sort of game.

Julian Day also came out for a hit and throw. He got a hit (I think) and looked good doing it, also made a couple of plays at second.

The one question I was thinking mostly during the game (I was outfield) is why Southern Districts are the "Hawks".  I get we are the Tigers as our colours are black and yellow, and other Glenelg teams are also the tigers (Korfball included).  Souths colours are Orange, Blue and White and I am no more a ornithologist than Scotty Bradey is, but the colour of a normal Hawk is maybe brown? 

As far as other teams called the Hawks, the 2 that come to mind are quite possibly 2 of the most hated sports teams in the world.  Being the AFL's Hawthorn Hawks and  the team that "The Mighty Ducks" beat to win the championship in the first movie.  And neither of those teams have any orange.  There may be a reason for the "Hawks" but I can't find one.  A more appropriate name would have  been the "Falcons", seeing as their ground is Peregrine Park.  

Now I am off to check when we play Goodwood

Division 7 - Glenelg 16 def Gawler 8

Three little letters *** WIN ***

Yes that is right peeps our first win of the season. YaY

We where looking a bit light for players before the game with only 8 on the sheet. We knew we must use the bats early not like previous games, The team didn’t disappoint pulling off a 7 runs inning first up. Rangers answered us back driving in 3 runs of their own. Our next couple inning where a little quite letting Gawler coming back with some cheeky placed hits that Steve or Adam couldn’t get close to sneaking back to

7-7 all battle.

Staring pitcher Blake stayed on task for the first 3 inning until the hot dry day got the better of him. It was time to change it up Heath took to mound to finish it off. Timmy was embracing the dust pit behind the plate to catch well.

Tony and Heath both having a cracker day in the box keeping our runners around the bases. Cooper putting the ball into play supporting our 5 runs on the score book in the 4th and to finish the day with another 4 in the last.

Great performance by the Tiger Div 7 s ,thanks to all on the day, Winning!

Score 8-16

Plenty of good fielding, sharp bats seeing each person to get around the bases twice. Thanks extra base running for the crippled one on first. The calf didn’t hurt as much after victory, and we look forward to our next challenge,.

Senior Match Reports - 14th November 2018