Senior Match Reports - 7th February 2018

Wednesday 07 February 2018

Don Rice League - Glenelg 5 def Woodville 1

It was our second game of the year at WEST BEACH, conditions were cool and breezy blowing in so scoring runs was at a premium.  WOODVILLE  had two handy pitchers which made scoring even harder.  To our guys credit we managed to bunch a few hits together back to back which eased the pressure.  Some of our credible hitting performers were Tyson ARNOLD, Alex WITTY, Mason CLAVELL, Blake HALL and Odin MUNDY.  In saying that it doesn’t necessarily mean they contributed a safe hit ie. Odin MUNDY extended at bat, fouling off a couple…had a pitch sail towards his helmet and then managed to put the ball in play to force the error.  Our base running was a step up on previous weeks efforts.

Pitching wise Flynn LUDERS had another great outing but tapered slightly in his last inning, Jacob ELDRIDGE after a slow start shut them down and Mason CLAVELL finished things off.

Fielding wise our outfielders performed well in difficult windy conditions getting a jumped on the ball and tracking some well hit balls down making great catches.  Infielders played soccer with a couple of chances.

Two more minor round games to go……WEST TORRENS next week whom are currently in top spot above us followed by the “young bunch” from GOODWOOD.

If you are looking for something to do…realise it’s a school night but a strong GBC supporter base would assist us in the coming weeks especially next week.

Looking forward to the finals  but one week at a time!!!

Division 7 - Glenelg 11 def Woodville 8

Division 6 - Glenelg 4 lost to Goodwood 13

Division 6 - Tigers 8 lost to Woodville 14

Marty started pitching and pitched well he managed to control most of their big hitters. Very hard to stop the runs when we kicked the ball around as much as we did. Harry closed extremely well, he is close to getting more pitching after his little arm injury

Bats not consistent enough. Max Stagg was our standout he hit and fielded very well, by far our best player. There was a few small highlights but overall disappointing as it makes it very hard to make the post session it was a game we needed to win.

Hopefully better next week

Division 5 - Tigers 15 def Glenelg 4

After a heat out last week we got back to playing some ball in a home derby.

It what surely Veterans Day…..wily old timers and good mates Boris (Glenelg) and Lenny (Tigers) squared off for each team on the mound.

The first innings flew by with each team posting 1 run each.

In the second innings the Tigers bats, got on top and a combination of hits and a few errors in the field allowed us to put up a 7 spot to open the game up.

From there on the Tigers cruised to a comfortable win. Colonel Anders took over on the hill for the Bays, and a combination of Brother and 3 Votes Bradey finished the game of for the Tigers. Highlight being the Dixon brothers doing a role reversal with Ben pitching to Sanga.

For the Bays, best with the bat was Boris & Wilbur who both had multi-hit games.

For the Tiges we collected 20 hits in total with – Jucha, Brother, Sanga & Lenny (3) Squid, Pottsy, Thommo (2) having multi-hit games.

Division 4 - Glenelg BYE

Division 3 - Glenelg 8 def Port Adelaide 2

The Stevenson glare rises.

We faced one of the tougher away games the SABL draws throws at you regardless of the grade or standings, playing Port @ Port. For the 10,000 day in a row the wind was blowing straight in and runs would be at a premium. Alex Marsh got a 1 out knock in the top of the first, but the guys in black and white wouldn’t have a bar of it ending that threat with a nice double play of their own.

I tossed the ball to Lachy Eldridge and he went about his business, piffing em down to one of the nicer strike zones that you will ever encounter. Andrew Qualmann driving in an early run was followed up by RBI singles to Corey Williams and Tristan Stevens, pushing us out to a 4-0 lead in the early going. Gamer got through his target of 4 innings, giving up a hit late in his outing, in another solid start for the season.

Stevens finished off the final few frames on the hill, to go along with his 3-for with the bat, not a bad day out. The Big Dawg Deeble had a bit of everything in his day with a line drive out, a single, a punch out and some exciting times in the field.

Another finals contender awaits us next week, so we look forward to another good game back at the friendly confines of the GBC.


Division 2 - Glenelg 5 def Port Adelaide 4

A sunny Saturday afternoon greeted us as we took on the magpies at the home of baseball West Beach

We threw the ball to the big guy Steff and he thanked us by ripping through the port line-up to have us batting before we even had a chance to blink.

Unfortunately the Port pitcher had the same idea and sent us down one two three.

Steff accepted the challenge and we were in a good old fashioned pitchers dual. Who would break first.

Fortunately it was not us Tyson copped one on the elbow. My legendary three hole Gluyas did the team thing and bunted him across for Pickles to drive in Tyson with a double. Pickles was then batted in by the new div 2 first basemen Hayden Bays up 2 nil.

The pitching duel continued with only will getting a hit the next inning, we got another run through Hayden getting hit by pitch Rion getting an excellent walk and our new kid Adam who is popping up in the right place at the right time lately getting one through the hole between second and first to score Hayden.

We gave the pill to Burns who craved some meat in his first inning but unfortunately the knife went blunt and he struggled the next allowing three magpies to score before we bought on Mason who retired the side not before another Magpie run scored.

This is where it got interesting. Will lead of with a single to right Tyson did a hell of a hit and run to get Will to second and getting safe himself. Will duly stole third allowing Gluyas to drive him in with the winning hit to centre. Only it was not the winning hit maths not being the coaching staff strong suit Joe only tied it so after hugs and kisses and the ground staff being removed Pickles was walked and Mags did what Joe did and won the game again. This time with no fanfare.


An excellent win we toughened it out against a pitcher who dominated early but we stayed the course. Excellent work by Steff one of the most dominate displays on the hill I have seen for us in div 2 great work big guy

Division 1

Glenelg 2 lost to Woodville 9

Glenelg 3 def Port Adelaide 1

Glenelg 11 def Golden Grove 1

After a tough month for the boys and a little burning ceremony we headed to play the top team in Port at West Beach Saturday night.

The boys were ready to go from the offset and were real keen to get a win on the board. 

The boys started well with Tim Day on the hill. Outstanding effort from the captain throwing seven innings for one run. Had them scuffling all day. 

With the bat Mason Clavell with two rbi's was fantastic. Hopefully his knee pulls up ok after popping his kneecap. He is becoming a real big part of our lineup. He will be missed this coming week. Hopefully not much longer.

Aloy and Bennox also finding some form was great to see. 

But we can't forget the night that master mo had. David Carles was extraordinary in the field making some bloody great plays. 

Was a great effort by all the boys. Even the bench was alive with energy. 

 A long way to go but we're heading in the right direction

Go you mighty bays

Senior Match Reports - 7th February 2018