Senior Match Reports - 21st February 2018

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Division 7 - Glenelg 8 def Angels 5

Division 6 - Glenelg 9 lost to Hawks 10

Division 6 - Tigers 6 drew with Southern Districts 6

With two weeks left to play in the season and no chance of making the finals we returned home for a game against the fourth placed Southern Districts team that still had plenty to play for.

With Tony Mezzini having a week off it was my turn to organise the team which included more than the usual young guys hoping to get some game time.  This gave us a few options having bench players and some youthful speed and talent.

Unfortunately we fell behind early with walks and a few good SD hits leaving the score 6-1 after the top of the 5th.  We only had one hit in these first 5 innings but about 6 good plays or hard line shots meant we were playing without any luck.

The bottom of the 5th came along and our luck changed.  Troy Davis got a lead off hit, was replaced by Bianca Smith, Harry Leaker (U17) walked, Odin Mundy, Darcy Gluyas (U17) and Matt Laverty (U17) all got hits resulting in a 6 all game.  We shut SD out in the top of the 6th meaning we got a chance to win it in the bottom and no chance of a lose.  Bianca Smith lead off with the best hit of the day with a double to centre left and Harry Leaker pushed her to 3rd with a solid ground ball to the right-side.  Unfortunately 90 feet was as close as we got with the next two outs coming quickly.

A good fun game played at a pretty good standard for D6.

Good pitching from Max Stagg (U15) and Odin Mundy held SD down through the critical middle innings when SD could have got away from us and Kristen Mundy again a rock behind the plate.  Probably one of the best left handed catches going around.

Well done team.  Good energy and focus all day.  Bring on the local derby v Glenelg D6 this week.

Division 5 - Glenelg 2 lost to Sturt 8

Division 5 - Tigers 1 lost to Henley & Grange 16

We played horrible, they played great. Only positive is no new injuries and results going in our favour as far as the premiership ladder goes.

Division 4 - Glenelg 17 def Goodwood 4

The Al Gores were excited to be playing for two weeks in a row, and some sensational weather greeted the boys as they rolled into the reservation, keen to solidify a top two spot with a “W”.

Kymbo Slice returned from his wedding singing tour of outback SA, and was keen to get back on the bump to hone his mad skillz for the stretch run. Vdub was unavailable enjoying some well earned R&R, meaning short stop was be filled by “50 shades of Hollywood”, keen to break the shackles from pitching duties and whip a few in from across the diamond.

The good guys wasted no time in sending HSR into  green pencil frenzy, knocking up a seven spot in the first through hits to Freezer, Killer, Krajinator, The Slice, Patty-G and Hollywood with walks to the Fenomenon, Steak and Boris.

Kymbo Slice looked the goods in the first, the only runner reaching when a wicked curveball bounced off the concrete past the disgusted Killer.

The boys were never in trouble in this one, with solid at bats and strong defense led by a rampaging Patty-G keeping the opposition in check.

Highlight of the day was Killer being hit by a ball, heading back to pick it up – only to be hit again on the back of the scone as Alex “Death Machine’ Marsh flipped another ball into play – much to the delight of every player on BOTH sides.

Hollywood blew the cobwebs out on the hill with a couple of innings as the Al Gores ran out comfortable 17-6 winners. Thanks to Marshy for helping out and providing comedy relief.

On to the last round before the big stuff as we play the City Nine on men’s health day at the bay. See you at the ballpark or afterwards for a healthy lager or two….

Division 3 - Glenelg def Goodwood

We rolled on up to the reservation to play the Indians in the penultimate game of regular season. With a 1 game buffer at the top of the table a win here would all but wrap up first place.

Their veteran hurler shut us down in the first and second innings, but Lachy Eldridge was equal to the task for the bays and the score line was 0-0 heading into the top of the 3rd. Alex Witty lead off with a single and Alex Marsh did likewise, Qualmann landed the big blow for us here with a bases loaded triple, chuck in a wild throw and we skipped out to a 4-0 lead on one swing.

Gamer continued to go about his business on the hill with a couple of inning ending double plays helping his cause.

Kym Bartlett had a decent day in the DH slot including a HPB that saw him go all the way around the bases on the back of some wild pitch/pass ball combos. Alex Marsh had a great day out with 4 hits.

Tristan Stevens threw the final 3 frames, an error a couple of walks and a loaded bases hit to one of their big bats saw them plate a few runs. With the score sitting at 7-4 and the game all but done the umpires decided to continue festivities for another full inning with maybe 90 seconds left to spare. A couple of guys got an extra hit to pad their stats in the 9th, but we couldn’t squeeze out that extra run. Stevens striking out their last guy as the clock struck 5:25.

This was a big win as we have one last game left, looking to put our best foot forward on for mens health day at the GBC this coming weekend.

Division 2 - Glenelg 4 def Goodwood 2

A gloomy Sunday morning was the backdrop for yet another div 2 come from behind victory this time against Goodwood.

Burns got the start again while Jayden is finding his way in division 1. The first had Burns not looking as sharp as usual and giving up two quick runs. We got out of the inning but could not muster anything with the top half of our line-up being unusually kept quiet.

Burns although struggling for control at times was keeping us in it by posting donuts. We just needed something to spark us. In stood Tom looking as confident as I have seen working the count to his advantage and hitting a triple past the right fielder. Joe then hit the bottom of the fence to score Tom pickles got one in the hole to get Joe to third. Joe then scoring on a wild throw to tie the game up.

We had our chance to go ahead the next inning with Mags reaching on an error Hayden walking allowing us to double steal them to third and second respectively with none out. Some wishful running and some non-educated running saw Goodwood get out of the jam.

Flynn took over from Burns and with some excellent pitching and pickoff moves gave us one more chance to win it.

The spiritual leader of the team did what he always does when we need him and smashed a base hit to centre to lead things off. after our attempt to bunt him across was not successful and a strike out made it two down it was looking like another frustrating draw. Hayden had other ideas and copped one on his knee cap allowing us to get the winning run to second. In stood Adam. After going full and fouling of what looked like at least five good pitches he finally got one to hit. He perfectly placed it over the centerfielders head for a two RBI double. Bays win.

This is the second game this year one of our under 17 kids has walked off a game showing that they have the right attitudes when they need it the most. Both Adams at bat on the weekend and Flynn early in the year where both long at bats that they did not give up on. You make your own luck sometimes and these guys willingness to fight off tough pitches to then hit the ball hard into the field is perfect. Once it is in the field anything can happen.

Keep working hard and learning guys and this team is going places

Division 1

Glenelg 0 lost to Goodwood 7

Glenelg 4 lost to Goodwood 13

After a real good last couple weeks we head into a double header against Goodwood.

We knew is was gonna be a tough day and that we really  a understatement . Right from their first batter of the day they were unstoppable. Our boys were on the back foot early and couldn't make our way back at all in the first game

 We got off to a great start in the second but eventually succumbed to a massive nine run inning that killed our momentum. 

After a tough day losing two we still are sitting well placed to make finals.

Another big weekend ahead with two games against Adelaide . 

This weekend hopefully will secure us the finals spot we are after.

Senior Match Reports - 21st February 2018