Senior Match Report - 28th February 2018

Wednesday 28 February 2018

Don Rice League (Semi Final) - Glenelg 1 lost to West Torrens 4

Division 7 - Glenelg 7 lost to East Torrens 10

Division 6 - Glenelg 15 def Tigers 14

The much vaunted final Div 6 showdown with Coach Abroe at the helm was also serving to potentially get the Glenelg team off the bottom of the ladder (if Sturt lost), and to break the coaching deadlock for the season, which stood at 1 win each for coaches Stix and Abroe.  Tigers were sitting mid-range on the table and missing out on finals but winning a handful more games than Glenelg.

Tigers stole the home dugout but that was fine for Glenelg, who had lost games from both dugouts through the season, so weren’t phased by the change of cage.  Coach Mezzini started with Bianca Smith on the hill but after giving up 4 runs and hitting 2 batters for only 1 out, was shown the big hook and replaced by “The Pres” Marty Leaker.  Closing out the innings for no further score, Tigers were unable to put any score on the board against Coach Abroe’s team featuring piffer Potter on the mound.

A tight few innings ensued, with both teams struggling to score.  Marty handed the pill to Leaker Jnr, who walked 3 and hit one, giving up 2 runs, then Marty did the fatherly thing and snatched the ball back to close out the dig for no further score.  After 4 innings the score was 7-3 Glenelg and the onslaught began.

Pottsy was tiring for Glenelg, giving up 7 runs in the 5th, and Coach Mezzini had taken the ball himself to get the job done, holding Glenelg to 3 runs.  The 7-run mercy innings to Tigers meant the match was all tied up going into the 6th, which was going to be the last chance to break the deadlock, the last chance for some semblance of respect for Glenelg, the last chance for Coach Abroe to take the 2017/18 chockies as best Div 6 Glenelg Coach, and the last chance for last chances...

I was handed the ball to close out the game for Glenelg with my incredibly hittable BP, striking out 3 and hitting 2 batters (sorry B!), but gave up runs to a couple of clean hits, the best of which was Julian Day lacing one out to CF to score 2 runners and put Tigers 4 runs up with Glenelg to bat.  So the game/season/respect/coaches award - was down to one innings at bat for Glenelg...

3-game rookie Josh D’Ambrosio led off and was back in the dugout with a K2.  Glenelg then played the patient game, chalking up base hits to load the bases and chip away at the score.  A second out in the 5-hole for Adsy then looked like victory would be as ominously elusive in this final game as it had been all season for Glenelg.  But hits to Takos and Ally Hall kept the runs ticking over and I scored the tying run from a walk to Tiny Tim, so there was one chance left with the new boy D’Ambrosio back at the plate.  With advice coming (being shouted) from all parts of the ground, a punch out to CF scored the winning run and the rookie can’t believe how easy this game is... Walk off to Glenelg.  Baseball was the winner.

An entertaining game to finish the season off for both sides, played in great spirits and typifying Div 6 baseball... Thanks to the Tigers for a couple of good showdowns this season.

Tigers:  Runs – Harry Leaker - 3;  Mezzini, Davis, K. Mundy - 2;  Day (4 hits for 6 RBI’s), Stagg, M. Leaker, O. Mundy, Smith - 1

Glenelg:  Runs – Abroe - 4;  Harry, Pottsy, Stix, Takos – 2;  Blake, Emma, Riley - 1

From the Glenelg perspective, we didn’t have anywhere near the success we probably should have, with our 3 victories and three 1-run defeats interspersed with some floggings, and we were limited in having only one regular pitcher and giving up a number of horrendous one-innings (and occasionally more than one...) capitulations due to poor fielding or base-running.  But the team developed as the season went on and showed larger glimpses of great baseball, with hitting coming to the fore as the season progressed. 

Thanks to Peter McGearey for scoring for us all season, and all the other division players that helped us out throughout the season.  Thanks to Greg for helping me out as Assistant Coach this year, and for taking over while I was away.  And of course, thanks to the team for taking on the season in the right spirit and we wish Riley all the best in his retirement.


Division 5 - Tigers 12 def Glenelg 3

Like our Div 6 comrades the two Glenelg teams squared off in Game 3 of the local derby with scores at 1 apiece.

Spiritual leader was not there to lead his Glenelg team mates to battle, so handed the reigns over to Wilbur who swiftly placed himself on the bump after having stitched the Tigers up in the first battle of the year.

The tigers donned their favourite all-star kit and headed to the field, behind Scott ‘maybe not enough votes’ Bradey, hoping to get off to a good start. Team Wilbur had other ideas and posted 2 quick runs before the threat was snuffed out. In reply Wilbur went to work and shut the Tiges down with a donut.

After a shaky start Bradey went to work and quickly got through 4 innings of work given up only the 3 hits and the initial 2 runs for a solid outing.

Things didn’t fare as well for the Glenelg team with Thommo starting a 2 innings rally that saw the Tiges put a 5 spot, followed by some consistent runs in each innings thereafter. Most the Tiges got amongst the hit parade including Jucha who picked up his usual hit pitched ball.

Sanga took over from Bradey the hill, and aside from nailing a few of the Glenelg boys was pretty tidy in not allowing a come from behind will at any stage.

End result the Tiges a solid win to take into finals next week and unfortunately curtains for the Glenelg lads:-


Tigers: (3) Thommo, (2) Squid, Grabroe, Brother, Kingy (1) Lenny, Bradey, BA

Glenelg: (2) Oborn, Munday (1) Capuano, Oliver, Hall

Division 4 - Glenelg 8 def Adelaide 0

Men’s Health day at the bay was a cracker as the Al Gores prepared to take on the City Nine in the final minor round fixture of the season. With a bucket load of Tiger teams playing it promised to be a sensational celebration of the greatest club in the land, every player knowing they could go full tilt with plenty of medical assistance on hand for the post game.

Kymbo Slice took the pill and cruised through the first without breaking a sweat, but despite a leadoff double to V-Dub, the good guys also came up with a sugar donut on the board in the first. The score remained at 0-0 until bottom two when the boys went to work. Doubles to Hollywood and Patty-G around singles to Kymbo Slice and Boris put a 4-spot on the board before the Slice went back to the middle. No dramas for the big fella as he rode some great defense from the entire infield including the Colonel at an unfamiliar spot at 1B.

Hollywood took hurling duties over after four innings and continued to supply more zeroes to the City Nine than the Japanese Air Force at the battle of Midway. When we had the sticks, the Killer F’s of Freezer and the Fenomenon added some insurance runs on the right side of the ledger.

Dodo called a close to his 12,765th game as the Colonel made an unassisted out as a tribute to the missing Krajinator and Steak who were mixing beats together with Kool B at the music festival known as Steakapalooza. A solid 8-0 win for the boys, wrapping up 2nd spot with playoff fun on the horizon.

All that was left was for Cuba Gooding Jr. to throw out the first pitch in the Speccy Macgees, Bender to go yard and make it rain to the tune of two hunge on the bar, and Kevin Booker to bang a few trademark pop-ups off the aforementioned great man.

Thanks to Peter McGeary and all of those who volunteered their time for a great men’s health day at the home of baseball.

Division 3 - Glenelg 11 def Adelaide 2

Mens health day at the bay saw a packed crowd early to watch SA’s own Graeme Goodings throw out the first pitch. With official duties done here and another slightly makeshift line-up ready, I chucked the pill to Lachy Eldridge and we got underway. The Angels hitters got wind of a cash prize for the first team to hit a homer on the day and came out swinging early, but this only lead to 2 quick punch outs and a 1-2-3 first.

Even without the waft of ribs in the air The Big Dawg Stephen Deeble smashed a double to get things going for the home side, a double off the bat of Craig Handy and a 2 out RBI single to the coach saw us jump out to a 4-0 lead after one. Gamer was solid on the hill, getting through his 4 innings of work, wrapping up a nice little outing.

With the Mad Dog 5s playing on the short porch of diamond 2 at the same time as us and some big bats in their line-up, each passing AB on diamond one without a fence buster put our hopes for the dosh in peril. With 2 outs in the 2nd Shawby tried his best, maxing out for a double to left. Bender then spoke to the baseball gods in the on the deck circle, they convinced him to stay with the right approach, helping him sneak out a 2-run johnson to make it rain for the 3s postgame and push it along to 6-0 to the home team.

Tristan Stevens put together a best on performance, going 3 for 4 with the bat, and throwing 3 innings out of the pen chalking up 5 Ks.

This win officially closed out the regular season and wrapped up the minor round premiership for us. With the business end finally upon us we are pumped to get the ball officially rolling at home. Good luck to all the teams representing the GBC in the finals over the coming few weeks, it’s a great time to be around the club.

Division 2 - Glenelg 2 lost to Adelaide 5

Another double header saw us starting at 10am again this time taking on the Adelaide Angels. The equation simple. Win we consulate a finals spot loose we keep Adelaide’s season alive making next week’s round more difficult than it needs be.

Williams took the hill for his first ever division two start in tigers colours. This being due because the big guy was off to Japan late in the day and needed to get work in. He threw perfectly through his two innings.

That is basically it.

We mustered two runs by a pass ball and excellent first and third running from Mags and Steff but the guys just did not look like they had any energy. The game was allowed to meander to a bays lose 5 -2.

Steff after the game said we did some positive things which I agree with but there just was not enough done at the right times.

Positives where Aled coming back from injury and collecting two hits, Joe getting an infield single Mags and Pickles collecting hits also and Steff reaching base by two ball four hit by pitches instead.

Attitudes need to be switched on to the game in front of you at all times. Treat every opposition you face with respect no matter what the division and games like Sunday will not happen. Which happened.

It is done time to refocus the minds and get ready for a very important game against the Rams

Division 1

Glenelg 3 def Adelaide 1

Glenelg 4 def Adelaide 2

Glenelg 3 lost to West Torrens 12

After a tough week on the track, we headed to the home of the Angels with one thing on our mind. 

With one win we were finals bound.

With daisy on the mound we headed into the game confident of coming back with the win. 

It was a tough game to get going but the boys eventually come up with a couple runs to get us over the line. Daisy and Jayden on the hill were great . The boys came out with a tough win and cemented our spot in the six. 

Game two was another hard fort game. Pitching was again great. Haydz got off to a great start. Hilly throwing a couple and then we welcomed back big 'Donny' Burkholder for the first time since his injury. Awesome to have him back.

Joe Gluyas was fantastic with the bat getting three hits and a couple RBI's . Poor Thommo now stressing about losing him. Bad luck Thommo. 

After a great day with two wins we head into another tussle with west Torrens Tuesday and then Henley Sunday. 

Hopefully we can get rolling into the finals.

Great work boys. 

Senior Match Report - 28th February 2018