Junior Match Reports - 5th December 2018

Wednesday 05 December 2018

Junior League - Glenelg 6 def Goodwood 2

Georgia started and threw strike after strike she is a real trail blazer in our sport, just does everything. We got a strong 3 innings out of her we then used Arch as the middle guy to get some time in and Josh closed, it was Josh's first game back and encouraging to see him return so well. Defensively a few little mistakes but nothing we cant fix by  concentrating more. Arch a very good game at short, attacked everything

Harrv's and Arch  smashed it around with some powerful hitting  but all team had good times Noah especially got himself on base at the right times and was  a little unlucky not to pick up a few hits, Wurf going along nicely and Ryan took a good catch at right field.  We have 2 good catcher in Noah and Connor which is a real asset to our team

We had 3 on the bench so we shared time around ,a little difficult to manage

Team going well this week the acid test , looking forward to the challenge

Little League - Glenelg def Northern Districts

Minor League - BYE