Womens Match Reports - Week 6

Tuesday 05 December 2017

Goodwood 8 def Tigers 5

Glenelg 10 def Onkaparinga Cubs 8

After much nervous energy was wasted looking out the window throughout a gloomy Friday work day we were able to get a full game in against one of this year’s new teams – the CUBS of Onkaparinga. Wanting to hold onto the rights of our team moniker that we was embraced by our team last season some added enthusiasm was attached to this games result.

Bringing back memories of last season’s shenanigans we had a shortened bench to choose from for this game with 2 team members watching SIA in Melbourne, another at her works end of year celebrations, and a last minute withdrawal during illness. With another two needing to leave a little early we had to finish the game with an automatic out in the extra hitters spot of the line up.

Not to be intimidated our ladies after a solid warm up were as ready as we have been all season for the opening pitch. Whilst playing at home we were the actual away team on the day and Emily Pyke, Gemma Cassidy, Jenny Dunn and Natalie Ziersch promptly led of the game with four consecutive singles. Good baserunning saw us go into the bottom of the first inning with a 3 run lead. Emily Pyke took the start on the hill and was fantastic in the first inning – keeping them to a single run and striking out the first two hitters she faced.

In the second inning Jordy Heidt got us started with a walk and beat out an attempted fielders choice ground out to second base of the bat of Joso Papadothomakos. Adele Munro-Chambers follows that up with a single to third base giving us loaded bases with the top of our order up to hit. Onkaparinga’s pitcher made a good defensive play on a comebacker and retired Jordy at home on a fielders choice but with the bases still loaded Gemma Cassidy drove in two runs on a single to third, and Jenny Dunn drove in another with her single to right field. We ultimately drove in the maximum five runs and got ready to play defense.

Emily Pyke kept the game rolling shutting down the opposition with another strong inning. The Onkaparinga pitcher had also settled into a groove getting a shut down inning. Samantha Ferguson drove a strong single over shortstop but was double off when Jordy Heidt hit a laser beam straight to first base who was able to double off Sam at first.

With momentum shifting and Emily showing some signs of fatigue the opposition were able to get runners on base on a combination of their first two hits and a couple of walks. As we hit the 7pm mark and April and Emily had to grab their banana bread and head off to Coopers Stadium we turned the ball over to Gemma Cassidy for her first appearance on the mound this year. Gemma inherited a tough situation with the bases loaded and a couple of runs already scored and was able to strike out one for us before they managed to score the final run to give them five on the inning.

We were able to score two quick runs on a couple of walks and errors before we ran into the final out trying to be creative with the automatic out looming that would have ended the inning anyway.

With a four run lead with only their half of the inning to go we knew they had to score the maximum to walk off with an victory. Gemma was still throwing gas and after one of her fastballs copped Joso on her already injured thumb we had to try something a little different to finish the game. Bianca Smith made her debut at catcher and we brought on Jenny Dunn to close out the game. Jenny took a hitter to settle down before closing out the game with a strikeout and a double play on a nice soft line drive catch that she flipped to first.

A fantastically brave effort playing shorthanded and through a few niggling injuries to get the team back into the winners circle. We tied our season high with 8 hits giving great confidence as we head into this weeks match up at home against Kensington. Come on down and see the ladies as we play our first match in our brand new uniforms! We will be having our uniform launch party and mid year celebration after the match as well. See you there!

Womens Match Reports - Week 6