Senior Match Reports - Week 9

Tuesday 05 December 2017

Presidents Report

To all members and supports of GBC,

I would like to take a moment to thank Leon Eldridge and the coaches for their regular playing updates and reports regarding the success of our teams.  You can access this via Facebook or our website.  We have a number of teams that are positioning themselves well for a spot in the finals.  Please keep your eye on the reports that the guys prepare – there is some terrific success stories.

We congratulate Mason Clavell for his debut with the Adelaide Bite over recent weeks and also Tim Day who has also returned to the Bite.  He debut with them four years ago.  Well done boys. 

A couple of weeks ago at the D1 post game presentation I took the opportunity to give those in attendance a quick rundown of what’s happening at our club.  I highlighted that the club’s financial position is strong and tracking very well.  One of the main reasons for this position has been the club is now operating four days or nights a week as a minimum.  This is made up of Thursday night trainings, meals and monthly Junior Presentations, Friday night women’s baseball games, traditional Saturday T-ball and senior games and Sunday juniors and division 1 & 2 games.  I also highlighted the success of our association with Barkuma who we are partnering with to provide volunteers for food preparation and canteen support.  This program will help these candidates to obtain full time employment in a catering workplace.  As a result of this very few teams have been rostered onto the canteen so far this season which I know is pleasing to many of our senior teams.  Thank you all for welcoming this group into our club and also for attending the functions we hold and just hanging around the club.  Remember it’s your club!

You may not know but our community club is hired by a few groups.  ACH are there every Wednesday morning with a choir group and Saturday mornings, a fitness group run there sessions as well.  On Bite home game weekends The Difference Collective (Jo Marshall’s business and Club Cash sponsor of $2,000) has been engaged by the Adelaide Bite to prepare and deliver meals to the home and away teams and their officials.  One of the main reasons for this request from the Bite was the awareness of our clubs support for people with disabilities through Barkuma.  The Board gave their approval for the club facilities to be used for preparation of this, and the club is being paid a $500 fee which covers use of kitchen and electricity, gas etc.  All food, condiments, foils, plates, cutlery etc are purchased by the Difference Collective.  Our club is also hired for functions throughout the year which help cover our ever increasing costs.

If there are any further queries regarding any of these arrangements please pass them to me or a Board member and they will be happy to answer your queries.

Marty Leaker

President Glenelg Baseball Club

Don Rice League - Glenelg 8 def Southern Districts 1

In our first home game of our short season we did what we had to win. The hitting overall was a better display.  Rion SATO was given the ball again and improved on his first outing giving up just the one run.  Rules of the competition strictly restrict pitching limits.....not a bad thing as it gives clubs the opportunity to develop others who in their younger years may have been "key holed" into other positions.

In a planned move Jayden ELDRIDGE took over from Rion when there were runners on the corners and one a role he should be hungry for.  Jayden then enticed the hitter to hit a ground ball which produced a double play.   With the season not half way through Jayden was relieved by his younger brother Jacob.  Jacob then pitched  a "gem" with a high percentage of strikes shutting down the South's hitters for the remainder of the game.

Fielding wise we were solid throughout the evening......maybe not aggressive enough on some soft outfield hits dropping in front on fielders.

Hitting it was a much improved effort according to the score book.  The "mantra" of the comp for us is not about individual outstanding performances it's about giving the players the opportunity to learn, develop traits and habits to play Division 1 it's nice to see players get 2-3 hits but it's even better to see our players move runners over adapt.... and even sacrifice their at bats for the benefit of the team.  It's all about execution the results will look after themselves.

I believe some of the players (no names as it may jinx them on going) hit better when placed in these situations and more often than not execute......this type of hitting places the club in an enviable position when these players are given opportunities in Div 1 & 2 which has already been proven on occasions this season.

So in a nut shell an improved performance but with room to improve still........."the standards we set"  

Division 7 - East Torrens 8 def Glenelg 1

Division 6 - Southern Districts 12 def Tigers 6

Odin started and was a little off the mark by drilling 3 out of the first 5, I  was counting my lucky stars I did not have to bat. Peter Hague was the fireman and was good ,Marty did the closing

Fielding not too bad Cooper, Bianca and Alan all took good catches, Paul Luders playing 1st base like a major leaguer, Odin solid at 3rd

Odin and Cooper the standouts with the bats with multiple hits, I felt all team hit ball well ,all contributed

This was a game I hope we don’t regret losing because It really was gettable

I sure we can bounce back this week

Division 6 - Hawks 21 def Glenelg 9

For our team this was probably our best game as a whole. Only 2 errors in the field is one of our better efforts, and given the conditions of the weekend this was a good result. Unfortunately this didn't translate to our first win, came up against a really good pitcher and hitting lineup. To our credit, we stayed in the game to the end. No real standouts, just a solid team effort. Up against Sturt this week with a good chance to get the win on the board.

Division 5 - Sturt 10 def Glenelg 2

Let’s just say that we don’t do 10am games very well!

We faced off against Sturt under the Brownhill Creek trawling net in miserable conditions and as the score shows it was the theme of our day.

Inning 1 saw us starting with the bat and only going 5 deep into our line-up. Burton started with a ground out 4-3, next was Munday with a solid blast to Left for a stand-up double. Wilson followed with a single to right, scoring the run of Munday and things were looking good. Oborn made first on a fielder’s choice at the expense of Wilson, before Swansson was bamboozled by some filth to end the dig.

Munday started on the mound for us but never found his groove getting punished by Sturt, seeing them score 4 runs before he was relieved by Burton who ended Sturt’s attack. (G 1 – St 4)

Inning 2 was over before it started with us going 3 up 3 down.

Burton fared much better on the mound, only seeing 4 Sturt batters with the highlight of grabbing a thick edge for Full count KC, (G 1 – St 4)

Inning 3 again was lack lustre by us starting with a KC for our 1st out. Burton was up next with a blast to the centre/right fence and ran out a triple even through Sturt’s lush turf. Munday SAC flied to centre for out 2 but managing to score the run of Burton. We finished the inning on a K2.

Sturt stepped up their attack with us facing 8 batters in the inning, but we were lucky to keep them to only 2 more runs. (G 2 – St 6)

Inning 4 (I hate to repeat myself) was another mess with Oborn and Swansson both managing singles but after 4 batters we ventured back onto the field.

Sturt drove the nail in further in this dig. With us going quiet and no support to a struggling Burton we gifted Sturt a further 2 runs. Burton was then relieved by Swansson on the hill. Swansson faced Sturt with loaded bases and Sturt managed to score on a 6-3 and then on a single to 8 but it cost them with a magic 8-6-2 grabbing their 2nd out followed by a Flyout to 5 ending the dig. (G 2 – St 10)

Inning 5 capped off our bad day with Wilson and Oborn both grounding out to see us 2 out after 2 batters. Swansson got on with a HPB after annoying the Sturt pitcher with his 8 pitch at bat (B,F,F,F,F,F,F, HPB). Shaw got on with a single to right, pushing Swansson to third before getting out on a Fielder’s Choice 6-4 off the bat of Underwood.

Sturt came out for their 5th and final inning. Sturts Hamish Hill started with a single to left, before being hosed by Burton stealing second for out 1. The next 2 batters made it on with a BB and a HPB, before back to back 5-3 plays ended the game. (G 2 – St 10)

Hits - Burton - 2. Munday, Wilson, Oborn, Swansson, Shaw, Underwood - 1

Division 5 - Tigers 6 def Henley & Grange 5

Dixon Domination

We headed to Bartley Terrace, home of the Rams for one of the toughest road trips in Div 5.

Turned out to be the day of the Dixon's with brothers Sam & Ben combining to be our battery and Jill & Peter combining to be our crowd.

Both teams rolled out their thoroughbred pitchers with Sanga going head to head with smooth moving Rams veteran Dom Hodges. Both pitchers went the distance, but it was Sanga who came out on top with a masterful 7 innings of pitching, and chimed in with 2 solid hits in what was surely a BOG performance.

Brother Dixon was excellent in first performance behind the dish for the season, also solid in the batters box with a couple of knocks.

A good all round team performance to back up the Dixon's.........Scotty '3 votes' Bradey picking up 4 hits and 4 bat tosses, BA  picking up a couple valuable hits also.

Leaves us well placed in 2nd spot  with a couple of games to Christmas break, but with big games against Sturt 3rd & South's 1st in next two weeks.

Division 4 - Glenelg 12 def Gawler 0

The Rangers of Gawler rode into the GBC car park - some on fine mustangs, some on Shetland ponies - past the abandoned dickenballs Toyota to take on the Al Gore’s on a quiet and overcast Saturday.

This was not a game that would have many scrambling for the DVD, however the Tiges played a solid brand of baseball from start to finish. Matty Holmes (and Away) was strong again on the hill despite his radar not being fully tuned in, as he racked up eight strikeouts while walking four and giving up a solitary hit.

The good guys put up a seven spot in the first with walks to Vdub, Freezer, Kymbo Slice, Killer and Steak – the big blow coming from the bat of Tige pitcher Hollywood, doubling in a couple to put a stamp on a very good first dig.

In a day with few highlights, the Tiger pivots made a couple of nice late plays to keep the Rangers scoreless.

With the bats, Fendog millionaire ripped a triple while the Krajinator’s bat stayed as hot as Scarlett Johansson in active wear as he added two more knocks to his tally.

Umpire Not Jason Bourne called an end to proceedings after just under five digs as the Al Gore’s prevailed with a 11-0 victory. Next up – the Trolley Dodgers of old Golden Grove.

Division 3 - Glenelg 22 def Gawler 1

Kloeden brings the weird stuff.

With some last minute line up shuffles the coach punched his front row ticket behind the plate for an almost perfect 3 innings of work from starter Lachy Eldridge. Gamer allowing 1 base runner and fanning the rest. The OW also picked up a single to knock in 2 runs and help his own cause in our 10 run 2nd.

Gamer was followed up by T Stevens, Jamie Kloeds and Craig Handy. All threw well, but only Kloeds was accused of throwing weird sh*t by the opposition. Little did they know that's the only slot the ol' timer can throw the required 60 feet 6 inches from and make it on the full. The 4 pitchers also accounted for 8 of our hits in a well balanced attack.

The Big Dawg, Stephen Deeble, racked up another 2 knocks and even swiped a base.

A good W in a well played game by both teams.

Division 2 - Glenelg 5 def Gawler 0

Blustery rainy conditions meet us as we took on Gawler at the unusual time for us of 3.00pm

Jayden got the game going and after a lead of hit to the rangers got us back into the dug out to hit with minimal fuss.

After Day flew out to left David making his first start for the young studs said this is how you do it William and planted one over the left field fence. A hill triple Pickles single and a Joe either ball Glenelg where quickly 3-0 up.

We came back around and after a Wurfel hit by pitch Day Single to left David again hit the fence on the hop for a run scoring double. Unfortunately that is all we could muster as Jayden after throwing 3 gave the pill to Burns.

He proceeded to go three up three down without breaking a sweat, welcome back big guy. Next we threw another returning soldier in Mitch Blight who taking note of Burns did the exact same thing. Both declaring this pitching caper is easy.

After two scoreless innings pickles got a hit up the middle made it to third on a swinging bunt by Joe and scored on a Mags sac. fly. Mason the new close guy came in and threw the last three innings game over Bays win.

Happy with the win but always things to improve bring on the Dodgers

Division 1 - BYE

Senior Match Reports - Week 9