Senior Match Reports - Week 10

Tuesday 12 December 2017

Don Rice League - Glenelg 10 def Goodwood 5

This week we travelled to Mortlock Park.  There were concerns Goodwood wouldn't have a team because they have already withdrawn from the U17 competition.  Come game time GOODWOOD had 8 players and clearly some of those were younger than our playing group.

Credit to Goodwood's starting pitcher who held our hitters for 3 innings, from that point of their younger pitching staff struggled to some degree and were assisted by some exceptional individual catches.

Positives from GBC were it was Odin MUNDY first appearance pitching at this level and he will benefit from the outing.  Odin was followed by strong performances from Jayden ELDRIDGE and Flynn LUDERS.

To the best of my recollection we didn't commit an error in the field which was pleasing.

Hitting.........we scored 10 as as result of inaccurate pitching and larger than normal gaps in the field.  

Sorry for a hum drum report but like the game it wasn't so much a physical challenge but a mental challenge against an understaffed opposition.  The challenge for the coaching staff and players is we need to set levels and play to them regardless of the quality of the opposition.

(All clubs go through gaps were there may be a shortage of players for a period of time....... it was encouraging to see Goodwood had about 30 kids roughly under 10 yrs training and playing a scrimmage behind the main diamond....congrats to PRATTY and others who are driving this there)

Division 7 - Glenelg 4 lost to Henley & Grange 8

Division 6 - Glenelg 16 def Sturt 15

We travelled to Sturt still seeking our first win. Only missing our walkabout coach, the team hit well all day, jumping out to a quick lead. As has been our downfall most of the season, some sloppy defence opened the door for Sturt to comeback. To the team's credit, we were able to stay close throughout the game. With Sturt left with 8 men for just under half the game, we played an up and down game, which saw Sturt have the tying run at 3rd with 2 outs in the last. Luckily, we held them off and recorded our first win of the season: 16-15. Credit to Pottsy for throwing all but 2 pitches in the game, and everyone came through with the stick. Travel to WT this weekend looking to extend our win streak to 2.

Division 6 - Tigers 12 def Hawks 8

Bianca started ok by throwing strikes they were beginning to get hold of her so I decided to then go with Marty who then closed the rest of the game ,a good effort.

Defence wasn’t  great put servable we were a little flat footed which makes it hard to get a good jump on the ball  

Hitting was excellent Alan lead the way with a homer (refer Facebook) and singles ,and young Maxy Stagg did all the damage well done to both of them, Bianca long drive to the fence was also good. But overall everybody hit well.

Division 5 - Glenelg 0 lost to Southern Districts 9

This week we made the trek south to face off against SD for another 10am start. Once again, the early start was not at all good for us.

We started our fielding clinic for the guys at South’s only managing to go 5 deep into our line-up before being sent to field. We came close to scoring in the first with Wilson getting on through an Error and managing to get to third on a safe hit to Swansson. Unfortunately, that is as close as we came too getting any runs on the board.

Swansson got handed the duties on the hill for his 2nd crack at pitching in as many weeks. Swansson started a bit flustered walking the 1st batter, but with an exceptional throw from Burton managed to catch him stealing for our 2nd out. The other two outs came from pop-up fly’s and saw us back batting after 4 batters, with morale being high. (G 0 – SD 0)

Our second attempt with the bat was just as bad as our first, with us all out after 4 with the only highlight being a safe hit to Underwood.

The second batting innings for us was a disaster with SD finding every hole in our defence. They managed to pile on 6 runs and had 12 batters visit the dish, before Swansson grabbed a K2 to finally close the inning. (G 0 – SD 6)

Inning 3 was Groundhog Day with 4 batters stepping up to the plate before we were all out and back on the field. Munday’s sprinting safe hit to shortstop being all we had to offer in attack.

SD’s third inning saw them start much like the last before Swansson finally found his groove, but not before they had added 3 more to their tally. (G 0 – SD 9)

Inning 4 for us was 3 up 3 down and our day was looking over.

South’s started the innings with a safe hit and the horror was looking to continue, but after 6 batters and 12 pitches the dig was done. (G 0 – SD 9)

Inning 5 we came out to play with Capuano getting on with a long shot to centre. Then it went sideways, a massively controversial call saw Capuano back on the pine after being picked at first. Burton managed a safe hit, but once again after 4 batters we were done.

South’s started once again with a hit to centre, until the cannon of Munday nailed the greedy runner trying for a double. Another quick inning on the field had us batting again hoping to add at least something to the board. (G 0 – SD 9)

Inning 6 the short answer was Nope we couldn’t manage to score, even with Wilson starting with a safe hit we once again went 4 batters deep before Time and Game was called. (G 0 – SD 9)

Hits – Burton, Munday, Wilson, Swansson, Underwood, Capuano - 1

Division 5 - Glenelg 8 def Sturt 3

We headed up to Brownhill Creek to kick the dew of the grass in a 10am encounter with the Saints of Sturt, who after touching them up in round 1 were coming of a winning streak and sitting in 3rd spot one behind us.

10am start meant we had to shuffle the decks a bit with a few of regular starters working or unavailable. The arrival of the Jucha family was a welcome sight as Dave suited up for his first game of the year, and quite ironical (or maybe not) his first HPB of the year. We also replaced one Greg with another, with Greg Abroe helping us out.

Expecting a contest we handed the ball to Sanga for back to back starts in the important game. Sanga got straight to work and was solid through 4 innings. As is our way of late we booted the ball around a bit and when at bat seemed to hit them where they were. As a result we were 3-1 down after 4 complete innings.

In a strategic super move coach Mad dog knew just what to do and injected Scott '3 votes ' Bradey into the game to start a 1 out rally in the top of the 5th, Bradey's hit was followed with hits to Squid, Brother, Lenny & The King to enable the good guys to put a 4 spot and take the lead.

To enhance his 3 vote credentials Bradey took over where Sanga left off and shut the Saints hitters down over the final 3 innings.

It then became Sturt's turn to kick it around which BA took advantage off driving in a couple of insurance runs, and in the end a solid win to the good guys, setting up a tasty 1st v 2nd pre-xmas game this Saturday against South's.

Footnote: The dominator Kool_B went all so close to winning his double jug, going deep to left only to be denied by a decent catch, all eyes will be on him this week in his last chance before xmas

Division 4 - Glenelg 33 def Golden Grove 0

The Al Gores took on the Trolley Dodgers of Golden Grove, and it was anything but pretty. On a beautiful day to chase the pill at the home of baseball, this one turned out to be less than an enthralling contest.

Kymbo Slice was awarded the start to allow Hollywood Holmes to show off his mad skillz at the hot corner, and neither would disappoint. Hollywood turned a sweet double with the help of jazz hands Krajinator, while Kymbo went about his business in fine slicing style.

Just 34 minutes in, Kymbo had struck out the only three hitters he had faced, plus knocked out a double and a home run. In other words, he had locked up the three votes in very quick time. He also made his mark in the late game, pulling off a wicked face plant while running for the Speccy Macgees. Dixon’s dugout was delighted.

The rest of the game was pretty much a case of “all played well” if you were wearing the beautiful black and gold.

I want to send out a massive shout out to Patty G (spot) for putting his hand up to umpire the abovementioned debacle, not an easy task by any means. As usual, Patty puts the team first – we look forward to having him back between the lines soon.

Next on the agenda is the final game before the break against the Cardinals, where we will look to n-brace the chance to head into the festive season at 10-0.

Division 3 - Glenelg 19 def Golden Grove 2

The Big Dawg takes his medicine as The Bays get a Handy new starter.

After the 4s had set the bar for the day rather high, I flipped the pill to Craig Handy to start our ball game. To their credit The Grovers came out swinging and suddenly had jumped out to a 2-0 lead after the top of the 1st.

Bender helped himself out with a double to drive in our first run as we tied it up at 2-2 at the end of the 1st. Singles to Kloeden and Williams followed by a ground out RBI and a sac fly from coach for the day Aelx Marsh, and we had the lead.

With only 1 innings in which we didn't trouble the scorers it was a good team effort with the bat in hand. A 7 run 6th inning blew the game out a bit further - Bender and Hard-Core Williams combined for 6 hits, 6 runs and 5 RBIs between them, having a fair day out.

One more game until the main break, looking to firm up another W.

Division 2 - Glenelg 8 def Golden Grove 2

Well we hopped on the bus at 10.30am Saturday morning and headed north to taken on the Dodgers of Golden Grove.

After arriving an hour early and watching our umpire strut his stuff in the game before us it was our turn to take the field.

Jayden went through the Dodgers in the top of the first and after a lead of single to Will,  Pickles reached on an error, the big guy Steff hit a shot into the centre right alley to plate two and end up on third. Mags then hit him in with a single to left.

Jayden again sorted out the Dodgers and after a lead of walk to Jacob in stood our left fielder. None other than Mr Burns himself, getting the start due to, well only the player who was absent really knows why. After taking a few he went excellent and executed a perfect hit and run to get Jacob to third. Unfortunately they did not have any "how to base run books" in South America and Burns was doubled off forgetting the mantra freeze on a line drive.

The game had a steady pattern develop where Jayden would dispose of Dodgers at an economical rate and we would get runners on and not be able to execute. In saying that, due to Will Day's excellent base running (3 stolen bases), Jacob Eldridge getting hot with the bat and sac flies from Steff.  Gluyas and Pickles we were able to score 8.

Jayden gave the pill to Burns after 6  who after some early mishaps allowing 2 Dodgers to cross finished the game looking sharp as ever through his two innings of work.

Division 1 - Glenelg 11 def Golden Grove 3

After a big week on the track we headed out to golden grove

The crock man and his thirty seater bus was rearing to go. The boys keen for a big win and plenty of celebratory froths

We got off to a great start with the sticks and with hilly throwing real well on the bump we were looking ready to pounce.

Pitchers did a great job for us all day with hilly throwing five Haydz throwing two and Steffy finishing them off in the last couple.

Boys really turned up to play and were really pounding the ball all over the field. Big Dave coming into his own with a couple knocks was great to see. Had a great day all round. 

With a couple real big games before Christmas we are keen to keep the ball rolling

Great win 11/3. Hell of a job boys

Senior Match Reports - Week 10