Senior Match Reports - Christmas Edition

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Don Rice League

Glenelg 5 def Adelaide 1

In a game dominated by pitching, we came out on top, giving up just the one hit across 7 innings.

Alec Steff started on the hill, and gave a quality start, with a high percentage of strikes, going through
his 3 innings of work allowing only one base runner, via an error, whilst striking out 3.

Alec handed over the pill to Flynn Luders, who continued the strong work of Alec, giving up just the 1 hit
and striking out 4 over his 3 innings of work.

Jacob Eldridge threw the last innings and worked through 3 hitters quickly for 3 outs.

In the batters box we were well subdued early by their starter, but managed to bunch together some hits
to score enough to get the win, hits to Jacob Eldridge, Joe Gluyas, Tyson Arnold, Alec Steff.

Glenelg 13 def Sturt 0

For second week in a row our pitchers dominated the game giving up only the one hit whilst striking out 11.

Flynn Luders started on the hill for a quality start, Mason Clavell & Jayden Eldridge closed it out.

Hitting, there was lots of walks and HPB's as the young Saints pitchers struggled for some control.

Mason Clavell hit a no doubt home run, Joe Gluyas a double, but the pick of the hitters was Rion Sato with 3 hits for the night including a double.

Division 6 - Tigers  9 def Sturt 8

Bianca started and pitched very well, he did get a bit tired,but left the mount with us having a healthy lead a very good effort, Marty closed down the inning and Matty Lavo came in at the start of the inning and also pitched well.

There was some good catchers taken by Max Stagg but our fielding wasn’t the best ,which allowed Sturt to the bridge the gap on our early lead. We did manage to hang on by one which was the main thing

We do have these concentration lapses and this needs to be fixed.

Hitting good again some very good times at bat by Paul Luders,Marty ,Odin and Max. This is what won it for us

Best wishes for the season

Division 5 - Glenelg 12 def West Torrens 8

Finally, back at a normal start time we went up against West Torrens on home soil.

With Wilson on the hill we took the field against an eager West Torrens. The Eagles first batter came up to bat, beating a dribbler back to the pitcher he was safe at 1st. The Eagles managed to sore 1 run, but only managed to go 5 batters into their line-up, with Wilson throwing back to back KC’s a standout.

Our first batting inning started well with Marrow on with a walk, Munday with a single to right field pushing Marrow to third, before Marrow and Munday went all you can eat on steals both making it home to score our first 2 runs. Our next 3 batters didn’t fair so well going 3 up 3 down to see us back in the field. (G 2 – WT 1)

Inning 2 we must rename “the Reign of Rusty”. West Torrens started with a runner getting on with a soft HPB who managed to score through the next 3 batters all grabbing singles. This is where “Rusty” Rhys Capuano came into it grabbing out 1 with a 2-5. Spending more time in the dirt with Superman grabs at the hot corner Capuano grabbed the next 2 outs, stopping certain runs for the Eagles.

Like Michael Bublé our bats showed up for some Xmas hits. Swansson started with a line hugging hit to right followed by back to back walks. Capuano notched up a hit to right before Wilson got on through a fielder’s choice. Oborn blasted a double to centre before we lost our last out, seeing us finish up adding 5 to the board. (G 7 – WT 2)

Inning 3 West Torrens scored another 1 run inning but offered little resistance with Wilson throwing back to back K2’s to end it.

Our inning wasn’t much better with Swansson starting with a Double to Left, before we went quiet and fell quickly. Capuano managed to get on through a fielder’s choice, but it was a little too late. (G 7 – WT 3)

Inning 4 West Torrens had found their groove Scoring 3 runs with back to back doubles to Left field. Their efforts ending with Wilson grabbing another KC and Capuano at the hot corner grabbing back to a back 5-4 outs.

Our batting efforts went 1,2,3, lets field. (G 7 – WT 6)

Inning 5 West Torrens followed by example going 1,2,3, with KC, 1-3, F8 all they had to offer.
Michael Bublé was back for an encore with Swansson, Marrow and Wilson all with singles. Capuano and Munday both managed doubles to see us score another 5 runs to finish the inning. (G 12 – WT 6)

Inning 6 saw West Torrens bat and give us a brief scare grabbing 2 runs and a couple of hits. Wilson had, had about enough of it and through another two K2’s to see us take the Win going into the Xmas break. (G 12 – WT 8)

Hits – Swansson – 3. Munday, Capuano – 2. Marrow, Wilson, Oborn – 1.

Division 5 - Tigers 10 def Southern Districts 1

Out last game of 2017 brought up a homestand against the top of the table Southern Districts
who we drew with in our other encounter earlier in the year.

With top spot up for grabs going into the Christmas break we were keen to make a good fist of it.

No better guy to get the game rolling for us on the hill than Scott '3 votes' Bradey, the athlete in
a non athletic body. 3 votes had an outing fitting of his name, going 5 innings giving up just 1 run on
4 hits, whilst striking out 7......also chipping in for a casual couple of hits.

South's rolled out Whitey down from their 4's and the little bit off extra juice on the ball had some of
the seasoned hitters licking their lips. It only took until the 2nd innings when Thommo, followed by 3 votes
and BA chimed together some hits, then a few walks allowed Brother Dixon to come to the plate with runners on and hit a 'better than sex' no doubt line drive 3 run home run over the left field fence.

With 3 votes thinking he'd surely done enough, he flicked the ball over to Sanga to close it out and he did it in
style with 2 scoreless frames.

The win leaves us sitting 7-1-2 going into the Christmas break, with a couple of well earned weeks to allow our bodies to recover.

Footnote: Lenny also hit a home run in junk time, and Dave Jucha kept is HPB ratio in check with 1 at bat for 1 HPB

Division 4 - Glenelg 12 def Kensington 3

The Al Gores took on the visiting Cardinals, looking to maintain our perfect record and keep pace with the also undefeated Crimson Hose.

Hollywood Holmes was back on the bump and he didn’t disappoint, rolling through the visitors with a minimum of fuss despite giving up a couple of hits in the first. With the Cardinals up 1-0 early, the visiting spectator clan, led by muscle-shirt activewear guy, was feeling buoyant. The good guys were having none of this, starting off proceedings with a couple of walks to V-dub and Freezer. A triple to the Fenomenon had us on the board before we extended the lead with hits to the Krajinator, Kymbo Slice and Killer, before Hollywood chipped in with one of his own.

With a 5-1 lead after one, the lead would not be relinquished as we rolled to a 12-3 victory.

The Fenomenon led the way with the stick, wielding it like a candy cane full of promise for the festive season. Three hits to the great man, with Freezer, Krajinator, Kymbo Slice and Hollywood all adding to the multi hit parade.

With numerous Tiger teams on display at the GBC, once our game was over the highlights were aplenty, some of the best included a monster home run from the Q-tip in the speccy Macgees, plus a sensational impression of Hymie, the robot detective from the series “Get Smart”, by KoolB as he “ran” after a ball for the 5iveTiges on diamond two.

Wishing all GBC members, families and friends a wonderful festive season, and looking forward to seeing you all come back to ramp up the quest for multiple flags on your return.

Division 3 - Glenelg 10 def Kensington 0

The Bays roll on into the break with a mercy style W.

With a full list for the first time in a few weeks we hosted the Cardinals of Kensington for our last game before the end of year break. Lachy Eldridge took the pill and worked his way around a 2 out single to post his first donut to close out the top of the first. This would continue through the rest of the game.

Andy Qualmann got us on the board with a solo johnson and we chipped away from there. Kloeds and Jordo Bails with a couple of doubles and some timely hits to Craig Handy got us enough to chalk up our last W of 2017.

No Game was the story of the day (for everyone in yellow and black at least) with another great outing, striking out the side in the 3rd one of his better digs. The Big Dawg hit one on the nose to where the fielders ain’t for an RBI double, and that capped of a pretty decent day with the bats all round.

A wise man once told me wins before xmas are worth their weight in gold, so we’ll take what we have and look forward to some more challenges to start the back half of the season.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy the break.

Division 2 - Glenelg 5 lost to Kensington 6

Well we went up to the leafy suburban hills on Sunday to take on the might of Kensington.
After getting all the heat policy permission slips in order we sent young Will Day up to lead of the first.

Will duly got a safe hit to right stole second and after Rion doing the team thing in getting him to third
on a ground ball to the right side scored on Joe Gluyas single to left.

Burns took the hill for his first start of the season and got us back hitting with minimal fuss. Unfortunately
we were not able to get anything going in the top half of the innings where Kensington managed to score two
and tie it back up with a good really double cut throw finding the lack of a fence allowing one of those runs
to score. We got back in to hit and Jacob staying hot got one passed the third basemen for a single to left.
Will deciding to take one meant runners on second and first. Rion again doing great team batting by butting
them around for Joe to sac fly Jacob in. a miss que by the first baseman on a pickle ground ball to short allowed Will to score Bays 3-2 up. Burns deciding to challenge their four hole hitter did not work and after Tom retrieved the ball from over the centre field fence retired the side to still keep us in the game. We could not muster anything our next time round and Burns gave the ball to Flynn who after a cheap hit to right left one up to their five guy and we went back behind 5 – 3. It was time, Pickles lead off with a smash to centre Mags reached on a dropped attempted double play leaving both runners safe, Mitch sac bunted them across allowing Adam Wurfel the youngest player on our team to smash a double to left bringing home the runners to tie it back up. That is how it would stay from our batting side and due to a few mishaps in the field Kensington managed to pull the victory away in the last. It was a disappointing end to what was a hell of a game from our guys. That would be one of the youngest teams to play Division 2 at the bay and they all should go into the Christmas break with their heads held high.

Games like the one played show the guys what they need to work on and also the great things they can do,
like moving runners across by right side hitting and sac bunts. If we stick together and keep playing awesome
baseball this team will be a force after Christmas. Congratulations also to Adam cause as well as his double
he also got his first b grade hit in the second inning, well done kid.

Editor Note: Surely it cannot go unsaid that our pitchers in this game were Errol & Flynn...(Errol Flynn for those slow on the uptake)

Division 1 - Glenelg 3 lost to Kensington 4

This weekend would see us travel up Greenhill Road to take on a much improved Kensington. Looking to take a season sweep of the cards we sent Connor Hill to the mound. Despite a couple short porch long balls Hilly was looking good, striking out 6 of the first 9 redbirds faced. With Mason Clavell earning a much deserved bite start and Skipper Ziersch on a less deserved holiday we shuffled Tyson Arnold to the hot corner while Dan Wilson manned 1B. Despite some good ABs early we were unable to get to the Kensies starter and were hitless through the first 4 untill Wilson was able to launch a long ball of his own and have us trailing 3-1.

Connor continued to battle away on the bump and would end up leaving after five having only giving up 4 runs. Jayden Eldridge would take over from there and sit down the side in order in the bottom of the 6th. An outstanding job in only the young south paws second A grade game.

Things would get interesting in the top of the seventh when a lead off hit and a 2 run shot from Dylan Bentley ( His first Homer ever) would have us down by one with 2 away. Back to back HPBs would see us have the go ahead run aboard before we would be snuffed with the help of their import.

Division 1 - Glenelg 6 def Sturt 1

Trying to put Sundays disappointing result behind us we hit the road again, this time to take on the top of the table, fully loaded Sturt.

A couple of first inning hits to Loy and Bishop would have us on the board early. With new recruit Ryo Koura ( more on him later) feeling the effects of a little jet lag we flipped the pill to our Captain Tim Day to keep the saint's bat at bay.

Working around an early solo shot Daisey settled in nicely. Meanwhile our hitters continued to show a great approach in the box and some well placed knocks saw us out to a 3-1 lead. With the skipper getting into a little jam in the 4th we introduced our newest asset Ryo Koura to the mix. Ryo joins us from the Honda baseball team out of Japan and will take over our import pitcher spot from Chris Burkeholder who is rehabbing a shoulder complaint. With 2 on and 2 out Ryo managed to produce a ground out to end the threat. A 2 RBI shot from David Charles and a Sac fly from Bishop would be all the insurance needed as Ryo closed the door on a very impressive win.

This now puts us at 12-6 and in a good spot going into a well deserved break for the boys.

Merry Xmas and a safe new year to all from Tigerland and we look forward to a successful second half for the GBC

Senior Match Reports - Christmas Edition